Алена Водонаева затронула тему шарлатанов на «Битве экстрасенсов» The presenter told us about their experience of participating in the popular mystical TV show, around which in recent times has experienced a series of scandals. In 2009 Alain Vodonaeva became the heroine of the test “Mr. X” in which the contestants are blindfolded guess the mysterious person.
Алена Водонаева затронула тему шарлатанов на «Битве экстрасенсов»

In March, on the TNT channel started showing the new season of the show “Psychics are investigating”. It stars popular mystical project are investigating one or another complicated case. Not all viewers enthusiastically watch for new releases of transmission. Some of them treat it very skeptical, especially given the scandal that erupted after an interview with ex-presenter of the program “Battle of psychics” Mikhail Porechenkov.

Mikhail Porechenkov provoked a scandal with a statement about “the Battle of psychics”

“I with them worked. Kalda-the bulldozer, I say. All lies! Yes, totally. What is there not to disclose? Truth be told,” said the showman and actor.

“StarHit” decided to go to the stars, at different times, taking part in the filming of the show “Battle of psychics” with the request to share their experiences and views on the presence of a predetermined scenario. Not all celebrities share the point of view of Mikhail Porechenkov. Among those who believe that among program participants there are still real psychics, was Alain Vodonaeva.

In 2009, the well-known TV presenter took part in the test “Mr. X” in which the contestants are blindfolded to guess the person sitting in front of them. Alena admits that was set up very skeptical. She did not believe that all people who call themselves clairvoyants really are not.

“I doubt whether I should do this show. I never believed that people who have psychic abilities, many. In the end, however, after a few days of much deliberation and talks with family and friends, I agreed and went on shooting with his mother. We found it interesting to participate in the project, but then I approached it very skeptically,” tell “StarHit” leading.
Алена Водонаева затронула тему шарлатанов на «Битве экстрасенсов»

The first test took part Dilaram Saparova. The woman accurately described the character Alena. She also noted that she has made her own way and made their vocation in adolescence. “From the age of 14 I worked as a journalist in the newspaper” – confirmed Vodonaeva. However, Dilaram failed to guess the gender “Mr. X” that really upset her.

Unlike colleagues, Galina Polishchuk was able to guess that the chair is a woman. She also saw that the mysterious person is in a relationship. “Next to a man is a man,” added Galina.

But then the contestants were not so accurate in his statements. Natalia Evstigneeva have described is not Alyona, and her mother. Another participant of the show, Nika Seredkina, said that the hero test – Grigory Leps. Since then, the people calling themselves clairvoyants, began to increasingly annoy Vodonaevu: some of them saw a man with a beard, and someone and at all it seemed that “Mr. X” – a woman of age who are raising grandchildren. “Faster I already want to leave”, – said Alena.

Алена Водонаева затронула тему шарлатанов на «Битве экстрасенсов»

Nevertheless, among the participants of the show there was a psychic that could not only successfully pass the test, but also to impress Vodonaeva and her loved one. Galina Bagirova even managed to see the name of the chosen TV stars. “A beautiful woman, her perfect figure. She was from somewhere that is not Moscow. I don’t know, maybe she loves cats. Her mother is all loved her very much. The dress is so luxurious, it can only dream of. It will be a holiday. The letter “a” in her life is the person whose name starts with that letter…” – has told then Galina Bagirov. By the way, bakirovoj managed to enter the top three finalists of the eighth season of the TV show. First and second place then was occupied by Vladimir Muranov and Dilaram Saparova.

“Remember this moment as it is now. Galina Bagirov, being masked and blindfolded, somehow moved to my house and seemed to “see” the situation of my apartment. It’s like she went through it and told me that hanging on my poster desires. Moreover, Galina was able to describe a wedding dress. The celebration was to be held in a week, and the outfit nobody but mom saw. Don’t know how, but bakirovoj then even managed to see the finest details of lace,” recalls telediva.

When Allen returned from the filming of the program, her family had worried. “I have this evening started bleeding. And I very much cursed the husband, because it happened before such an important celebration. Of course, the close worried… I Think that those thirteen people who took part in the test had an effect on me then with his energy,” she said.

After participating in a mystical show the views of the presenter on psychics has changed. “I became stronger to understand that people with such abilities do exist, she said. – Half of those who wants to seem those charlatans. I can confidently say that I was really faced with the inexplicable shooting of the program”.

If Alena Vodonaevoy say in the popular TV show is all a trick, she does not agree with this point of view. Leading believe that people with psychic abilities do exist, but very few of them. They include, for example, finalist of the sixth season of the popular project Ziraddin Rzayev, who is her colleague.

“Yes, most of the contestants guessed wrong and I was weak and no, but there are really strong people. Someone God gives you a talent to write poetry, others paint a picture well, – said Alena. Is the same gift and interesting superhero ability. Moreover, with one of these psychics I work in is Ziraddin Rzayev, together we lead “normal Couple” RU.TV”.