43-летняя Юлия Высоцкая продемонстрировала накаченную фигуру The actress has surprised followers with a new video. Julia Vysotskaya published in Instagram video, which rides on the bike. The woman delighted fans of elegant shape and good spirits.

TV presenter Julia Vysotskaya, unlike colleagues are not so often shared with followers with stories about his personal life and details of leisure. But true admirers of her work always with a special interest in waiting for his favorite fresh posts. The blonde placed the footage as she rides her bike abroad.

It is evident that Julia is in good spirits and resting from the bustle of the city. The beauty was dressed in short shorts, t-shirt, hat and sunglasses. Apparently, the positive video was posted in support of the new project, which will start soon. About Vysotsky told loyal followers to write for publication.

“Energy generates energy. May 15 kicks off the reboot. Yay! Will sun, will-power, the mood, be fun, be bright!” – wrote a media personality.

Fans were happy to learn that their idol is taking part in creating something interesting. However, they more pay attention to the appearance of the stars. Users of the social network could not help but notice the beautiful shape, which is Julia. The video clearly visible pumped muscles celebrities and slim body.

Publication the actress has gained not only a lot of “likes”, but enthusiastic comments. Many noted that in recent Vysotskaya began to delight followers of the details of his pastime. Some also asked what kind of project is it and how to take part in it. Apparently, a motivating entry beauty has pushed people to join the bike ride.

“Tell me, please, what is “reboot”? Class”, “no Words… full of Emotions”, “Good girl! However, as always. I want at least to do exercises! Thank you!” “Wow! You are my idol! So strong and beautiful! Good and real! The figure is amazing, of course. You are very athletic and fit!” – left comments fans of the blonde.

Interestingly, the recent appearance Vysotskaya already evoked rave reviews. Julia in the company of stellar colleagues, had fun at the anniversary longtime friend Mikhail Turkish. Bright and fresh, the actress looked very happy, smiled a lot and willingly posed for photographers. Then she appeared in public with minimal makeup, tanned and dress with unusual print. Julia Vysotskaya broke away at the party Mikhail Turkish