Alla Pugacheva supported the beloved husband

Алла Пугачева поддержала любимого мужа Diva appeared in the video announcing the ambulance premiere show of Maxim Galkin. Many fans of the star couple say that Alla Borisovna looks amazing and is a great example to follow. In the story of Pugachev gives the farewell to her husband.

      Алла Пугачева поддержала любимого мужа

      May 21, Maxim Galkin will present the first edition of its new show “Maximmaxim!”. It will be published every Saturday on the First channel at 23.00 Moscow time. The yield on the screens of his own project — an important and exciting event for every artist, even if he is as popular as Maxim Galkin. So Alla Pugacheva has decided to support her beloved husband. The diva starred in the trailer of a TV show Maxim Galkin. In it she played herself.

      Fans of the star couple noted that the emergence of the people’s artist in the video turned out great. First, in the frame Alla tried on the spring-like fresh and elegant look. The singer wearing a short plaid dress with a circle skirt, lightweight jacket light brown in color and monochrome scarf. Secondly, the plot of Alla Pugacheva holding a tape filled with old ammunition for a machine gun “Maxim”, invented in the late 19th century. The actress also pronounces the following sentence, giving a farewell to her husband: “One Maxim — good, two — better. Come on, reload!”.

      Алла Пугачева поддержала любимого мужа

      Fans of Alla Pugacheva was genuinely admiring of the way and quickly spread the video on social networks. “Alla, I admire you, you look really good”, “Love and respect you, you are an example for all women”, “Alla, you look amazing”, “I Love you both”, “Alla, I love you madly already 67 years”, “Superwoman”, “Let’s health fails,” “Very edgy”, “Cool woman like younger by 30 years,” expressed their emotions all who are crazy Divas.

      As for the show “Maximmaxim!”, it is expected that sketches and celebrity. The stars will be coming to visit the famous parodist and the TV presenter, who gave them the drawings. Among the first guests of the program were a fashion critic Alexander Vasiliev, as well as TV presenter Elena Malysheva. Previously, he has published in his Instagram a photo with the Maxim Galkin, made on the set of his show. In his interview with the impersonator said “Maximmaxim!” will be something of a cross between the program of parodies “Big difference” and show “Evening Urgant”, made in the style of foreign programs “Late Night Show”.

      Maxim Galkin was leading such projects as “Russian roulette”, “New songs about the main thing”, “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. One of the latest gear Galkina as lead — “dancing with the stars” on “Russia-1”.

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