Photo daughter Larisa Guzeeva created a furor in the Network

Фото дочери Ларисы Гузеевой произвело фурор в Сети Fans of the actress discussing the extravagant style of a young girl. Larisa Guzeeva, published in the microblog a few pictures of daughter Lelia, provoked heated debate. Some commentators say that the girl is incredibly beautiful, others Guzeeva chided for being too bright makeup heiress.

      Фото дочери Ларисы Гузеевой произвело фурор в Сети

      The daughter of a famous actress and TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva Lola, at the end of March celebrated its 16th anniversary, is in that wonderful age when you are allowed bold experiments. The heiress star is clearly trying to stand out from the crowd and not look like everyone else. Larisa Guzeeva on the eve went along with Cherish shopping and then published on his page in Instagram a photo report about the choice my daughter new things.

      For a hike in one of the shopping centers on 16-year-old girl chose a monochrome outfit – dress, coat and hat, black in color, caused bright makeup. This circumstance so confused some fans of Larisa Guzeeva, Lely saw the pictures in the microblog actress. Posts under the stars formed the whole discussion on the theme youth style, perception of beauty and sense of proportion. Some commentators compliment Lele and her mother, arguing that she inherited the incredible beauty of his mother. Others blamed Larisa Guzeeva on the fact that her daughter was too bright for his age is painted.

      “Why a young girl goes to the dark clothes? Our clothes say about the state of inner peace”, “Leli elegant taste and style!”, “He’s goth?”, “Very beautiful photo! Very beautiful girl! So much femininity! Only one photo wins! So much emotion, so beautiful!” “Such noble facial features… Mammy, Mammy, no end of suitors will be, or have?”, “Too bright makeup makes her look older”, ” under photographs of Leli quick to jump several hundred people. And most of them admire young creation, and the views of detractors Larisa Guzeeva just doesn’t react, leaving them unattended.

      Фото дочери Ларисы Гузеевой произвело фурор в Сети

      It is noteworthy that the mother and daughter have a very close relationship. The young heiress often accompanies the presenter to social events where they behave like best friends. However, it was not always so. At the beginning of the two thousandth Larissa had other work – it was a difficult time for the whole country. The girl was raised by her grandmother – mother of the stars of the ether. One time Lola even refused to call Larissa Guzeevu mom. But now all the problems in the relationship between mother and daughter behind. Guzeeva at all supportive of his successor and understands her attempts to Express themselves. For example, a year ago, the daughter of actress shaved his whiskey. The act could plunge into shock anyone, but not Larissa Guzeevu. She did not miss the opportunity to tell fans about the sudden transformation of the child and published her photo on his page in Instagram. The celebrity signed the following way: “My girl is a warrior!”

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