Alla Pugacheva has struck a Flirty way at a party at Yudashkin

Алла Пугачева сразила кокетливым образом на вечеринке у Юдашкина Diva congratulated couturier happy birthday. 14 Oct famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, was 53 years old. A celebration of the Maitre and his wife invited her closest friends. Alla Pugacheva has chosen for the gala dinner trendy outfit, which looked very organic.

      Last Friday, my birthday was celebrated one of the most famous people in the country, fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, a new collection that made a splash at the recent fashion Week in Paris. So couturier was celebrating with two great events – the triumph in France and on the occasion of birthday.

      Well, on the eve of Valentine Yudashkin and his wife Marina shared in social network are cute family photos in the company of close friends. The pictures were taken during a party on the occasion of the birthday of designer. Congratulating Valentin Yudashkin came Alla Pugacheva, which metr friendly for many years, the husband of the prima Donna Maxim Galkin and Alina Redel, the close friend of Alla. “With my dearest friends!”, signed photograph in microblogging Valentin Yudashkin.

      Fans who saw the group of friends began to congratulate Valentin Yudashkin happy birthday. As many have noticed, the way looks gorgeous Alla Pugacheva. The star was dressed very democratic and youth. Pretty pink tunic, skinny jeans and white sneakers. In ultra-trendy outfit Diva looks very organic. Alla is not looking into the frame, pushing the Flirty eyes and gently hugging the hero of the occasion, which just glows with happiness while in the company of people close to him. Fans agreed – Alla is in the picture turned out to be the better all.

      “Very comfortable and good photo!”, “Alla just fire!”, “It’s all fire!”, “Alia lovely, such a trendy and young”, “Alla body like a young girl!”, “Everything works out in this photo! Well done,” – admired by fans.

      By the way, the millions of fans of Alla Pugacheva there is hope again to see his idol on stage. Alla Pugacheva buying a song for touring around the country

      Not so long ago Pugacheva started to pick up the repertoire for the big solo concert in Moscow – it is planned for the first half of next year. “In September, Alla I have gained in two songs, – told the “StarHit” composer Oleg Zholtikov. The first is called the “Singing men”, the second “a Dog” is a composition with a challenge that people didn’t pry into other people’s business”. The lyrics of both songs written by the poetess Natalia Casimcea, Pugacheva has long been to cooperate with it. In addition to the two above, and the prima Donna has bought her eight tracks.