Olga Buzova promises to deal with the author of a parody of itself

Ольга Бузова обещает разобраться с автором пародий на себя The media personality announced that she will be wise enough to do without battering. Olga Buzova is preparing to meet the offender verbally. Marina Fedunkiv, which has already made some parodies of the star of “House-2”, hopes her sense of humor.

      The popularity of the leading “House-2”, actress, fashion designer and writer Olga Buzova in the Internet is breaking all records. Her name flashed in the media headlines more often than others. The blonde was actually holding the belt stars of the first magnitude and is not going to stop there.

      Clear evidence of the incredible popularity Buzova – a parody of it, which regularly makes and puts in his microblog actress and member of Comedy Woman Marina Fedunkiv. Your videos Marina just rips the Internet. It copies the appearance and behavior of Olga Buzova, her vocal talents, and a new book of the famous Telebanking Fedunkiw just snapped up a quote. Parody star Comedy Woman on Olga Buzova blew up the Internet

      “Olga Buzova, indeed, your idol?”, – asked star Comedy Woman the authors of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” NTV, “Oh, no, certainly!” – laughed in response, Marina Fedunkiv.

      Rumor has it that over witty parodies Fedunkiw roared with laughter not only to the ordinary subscribers to her page, but known in the show business people. But laugh if you want-Olga Buzova? The authors of “You’re not gonna believe this!” claim that the star of “House-2” is not going to pull all the brakes and will give a decent answer Fedunkiw. Olga promised that I would choose the gentle method and will do without manhandling.

      “I’m a girl, I’m a Princess. I will never raise my hand, – said Olga Buzova. Because I have enough intelligence to stand up to a bully verbally. In General, I’m fine!”

      By the way, friends Buzova say that in life, Olga really is not what appears in the microblog. “Olya much smarter than you all think, – said the famous singer Lena Temnikova. – She just created and maintains the image that everyone likes and all are amused”.

      The author parodies Olga Buzova Marina Fedunkiv also counting on the prudence of the blonde, because she has repeatedly stressed that it was instacall about the character Musou is not an attempt to offend anyone or hurt. “I think Olga has a sense of humor, and she’s okay with it – said Fedunkiw. – And if not, what to do. I’m not doing anything wrong. Physiology do not touch.”