A blow to the gut: how the stars managed to survive infidelity favorite

Удар под дых: как звездам удалось пережить измены любимых “StarHit” find out how celebrities have struggled with mental pain. Some prefer to immerse themselves in work, others were looking for a new relationship. The details of the stories of the stars associated with the betrayal in our selection.

      Удар под дых: как звездам удалось пережить измены любимых

      Betrayal associated with love relationships, is always perceived painful and tangible to the heart. Today we tell about the Russian stars who have experienced these events and has found a new love. They waited for the light hours once more to see how it is necessary to protect this high and delicate sense.

      Nikita Panfilov

      It all started very romantic: it is a long time, you might say, exquisitely cared for her, gave flowers, and was ready to fulfill any of its request. And she, charmed by this attention, replied to him in return. Yes, and how not to succumb to the charms of the male star of the popular series “Sweet life” Nikita Panfilov, which dried not one of maiden’s soul. And it so happened that the charming brunette Lada – Manager of the program “Army shop” – became his wife.

      Удар под дых: как звездам удалось пережить измены любимых

      The marriage was happy and there was a feeling that the young will live in love and harmony till the old age. Sweet life, not onscreen, but real continued for Nikita Panfilov six years. During this time, the couple had a son, Dobrynya, adding joy to the father. Moreover, in the actor’s career came the Golden days when filmmakers excitedly invited him in their films. Maybe fame and talent Nikita Panfilov had any impact in the future on family business. May Fret too zealously embraced the creative achievements of a spouse, but over a cozy and happy nest looming storm clouds.

      Family matters suddenly went wrong in the relationship of Nikita and the Frets did not feel the same love, understanding. But it soon became clear that the couple are getting a divorce.

      “I don’t want to go into the details of the situation, let me just say that Lada have done such a thing, for which men usually don’t forgive women. It’s hard for me to think about it, the more to tell. But at that moment I decided to get over myself and try to keep the family together. I thought about that Lada is married, we get married, we have a child… I had to sacrifice either family or his pride. I chose the latter and tried to forgive. But it did not help: since that moment everything started to fall apart, to crumble. Because the relationship was the work of two people, and I felt like I was playing in one gate”, the singer confessed in an interview with Hello!.

      According to the actor, his currently most concerned about the education of his son, whom he loves immensely. According to Nikita, his ex-wife, having by him a monthly alimony of 180 thousand rubles and other property clearly prevents its meetings with the heir. The struggle for Dobrynya takes the actor a lot of mental strength. And, according to his confession, he would not stand such stress, did not appear in his life, the girls of Xenia.

      Anna Sedokova

      Удар под дых: как звездам удалось пережить измены любимых

      In love there is always a share of guile, and Cupid, weaving their network anywhere to prove this truth. Charming Anna Sedokova and famous Ukrainian footballer Valentin Belkevich visited in Kiev the same Barber. This circumstance is so excited about Valentines that after six months he was all the crook got hold of the phone beauty and invited her bowling.

      Anna blindly fell in love with Valentine: it seems that star player was experiencing similar feelings. However, on the third day after the wedding, before the honeymoon of the young people happened big fight. The instigator was, oddly enough, Valentin.

      Something annoyed, he even helped at the airport Boryspil pregnant wife. Poor Anna dragged the heavy suitcases, no word of chiding of her husband. It was as if in the fog of love, she wanted happiness. For this purpose Anna scored a career – left the group “via Gra”. But the sacrifices were in vain: in a relationship with Valentine has been the first crack. And then, against the backdrop of alleged marital happiness appeared Les – ex-lover and common law wife of Valentin Belkevich.

      The birth of her daughter Alina have no effect on the behavior of Valentine’s day. He rushed about between two fires, trying to give preference to one of them. Divorce was inevitable, and it’s very heavy toll on Anna Sedokova. Torn down love, career, bad financial condition that it had inherited from a former marriage. Anna Sedokova first saw the mistress of the deceased ex-spouse

      “I married a man who already cheated on me. God, good thing I found out now and not then 19. And why did he get married then? If you’re happy with another man, why did you get married? Why spoil your life?” – with bitterness in his voice told Anna Sedokova in the program “the Secret to a million.”

      And the reason for this cry of the soul singer will be shown leading Leroy Kudryavtseva video with Lesia. “All the time that he lived with Sedokova, it is almost always spent the night with me. He was with me before the wedding with Anna. He begged me to understand him and to forgive” – with a certain smugness admits ex-girlfriend of Valentin Belkevich.

      The news of the death of Valentin Belkevich shocked Anna, she did not want to believe what had happened. Upon learning of the death of the father of her daughter, she wrote in a microblog that many respected, loved Valentina – and “especially a little girl”.

      Adelina Sotnikova

      Удар под дых: как звездам удалось пережить измены любимых

      It was a short, but torrid affair. Love story of Olympic champion in figure skating Adelina Sotnikova and host of the show “Magazzino” Alexander the Milk did not last more than a month. During this time, Alexander turned to the girl head that she believed in a happy future and lasting relationship. However, windy is a leading, claiming that it was love at first sight and almost fate – Adeline suddenly changed. For the Olympic champion this message was tantamount to falling on the ice during high-level competition.

      Shocked by the betrayal of a loved one, she fell into a depression. This was Adeline knocked out of the rut. And the traitor in an interview with “StarHit” justified: “It was a casual relationship”. Alexander Molochko admitted that he has a new fiancee that he is experiencing an unprecedented amorous feelings. Adelina, he wished all the best. Alexander sincerely hoped that after the hype associated with his betrayal, he will be able to establish a relationship with her. At least friendly.

      Elena Lyadova

      Удар под дых: как звездам удалось пережить измены любимых

      One of the most talented Actresses of the Russian cinema Elena Lyadova in my life experienced, and passionate love, and betrayal. She always wanted a serious and deep feelings, and received in return betrayal. First love with a third year student Ilya Isaev seemed a gift of fate. Ilya have courted Lena considered her special. But the relationship ended abruptly after Isaev began work in the theater. Loving Elena met him after the performances, full of bright hope. Two months later, a romantic idyll ended: Ilya found in the theater with another girl, which, he believed, would be more than happy.

      Before the wedding, and Vdovichenkov Elena Lyadova survived two infidelity

      Elena stoically endured the affair, but kept to himself. Only studying hard, saved her from the emotional trauma. Was her life a secret admirer – a fellow student Mikhail Borisov, just who adored her. It is beautifully cared for Elena, gave flowers. Boris looked at her as a goddess, untouchable and beautiful. But Elena, made wise by bitter experience, did not give him any chance for reciprocity. And yet, once the girl’s heart shuddered from the rush of love. This happened after a meeting with actor Alexander Yatsenko, whom she met on the set of the film “Soldier’s Decameron”. They lived in a civil marriage for seven years, and every year, Elena had hoped that someday beloved man will make her an official offer. This,alas, did not happen. Moreover, Helen again had to deal with betrayal. Alexander left her for another woman, barely picking up explanation of its actions.

      “The fact that they broke up because Vladimir Vdovichenkov is a lie, – has shared with “StarHit” the other Yatsenko Fyodor Lukyanov. – On the set of one of the projects Sasha met with a lovely young make-up lady. They quickly found a common language, and a working relationship turned into a torrid love affair. It was for him like a breath of fresh air. When to hide the affair became impossible, Sasha confessed Lena gathered her things and left.”

      Another separation from the once loved one weighed heavily on Elena. She had vowed never to tie serious and deep relations with men. But the meeting with Vladimir Vdovichenkov changed her plans.

      Aliana Gobozova

      Удар под дых: как звездам удалось пережить измены любимых

      To love relationship become stronger granite, apparently, sometimes need to play two weddings – one more beautiful and more magnificent. Passionate love, marriage, adultery, divorce, then in the same order, but without the last two – that was the family story of former participants of the project “Dom-2” Alexander and Aliana Gobozova. I remember the first appearance in this show Aliani immediately won the heart of Alexander. Love relationships led to marriage. The whole “House-2” was buzzing, celebrating this event. Soon the family Sobotovich born son Robert. However, the appearance of the baby is not uberegla young parents from the crisis.

      Trip Alexander Gobozova, where he met a certain girl Victoria, has led to a family scandal. Aliana, figuratively speaking, was soon on violence: broken feelings, angered by the betrayal of her husband, she filed for divorce and took his son with him. However, even very short-tempered a woman’s heart is sometimes easily appeased. We don’t know what key he picked him Alexander, but Aliana has forgiven former prodigal husband. And they hastily and ran together for the second time in the same Kutuzovsky registry office of the capital. Aliana Ustinenko: “I was afraid that Sasha will not be corrected”

      “When we played a wedding for the first time, everything was very fast and lightly – recognized then “StarHit” Aliana. You might even say that we did it spur of the moment. There was only passion, love, emotions. Now this step is more than balanced, we made a decision with a cool head, we really matured. I’m sure he will be just the beginning of our life together, despite the fact that we already have a baby. This wedding forever.”

      Igor Petrenko and Ekaterina Klimova

      Удар под дых: как звездам удалось пережить измены любимых

      This pair was given so much attention that seems to have ended all verbal resources. Ekaterina Klimova and Igor Petrenko have become permanent pieces in newspaper and magazine publications, their images flashed on the screens of different television channels. With incredible interest, not always healthy, they discussed the divorce of the people’s favorite actors. Who was right and who was wrong – I could only guess. They say that the cause of the breakdown of the marriage was the kiss of Catherine with the former soloist of group “Chelsea” Roman Arkhipov, was captured in the photo, the paparazzi. Ekaterina Klimova says the opposite: the culprit was a hothead, at times obnoxious character Igor. She said his addiction to alcohol.

      However, divorce has a positive impact on the further destiny of the former spouses. Ekaterina Klimova is married to actor Gela Meskhi gave birth to their daughter Bella. She is very happily married and doesn’t hide it. Changed and Igor Petrenko. His new girlfriend – actress Christina Brodskaya was a real gift. She made his life calmness and confidence in the future. And on the eve of the New year, Christine gave birth to his daughter Sophia-Carolina. And many have noticed that Igor was somehow softer, more responsible. By the way, soon Brody will give a favorite and another child.

      Stepan Menshikov

      Удар под дых: как звездам удалось пережить измены любимых

      “Obviously, you never get bored” – said the girl on the brightest participant of the project “Dom-2” Stepan Menshikova. By the way, this project is known destroyer of women’s hearts back twice. And always with success. This circumstance is unlikely to liked the civil wife of Stepan – spectacular beauty Eugenia Sameway. Letters viewers, rumors, talk about riotous living men’shchikova ever more convinced the young woman that he was unfaithful to her.

      He was not even deterred by the fact that he is the father of little Vanya. Quarrels and scandals soon made life together a living hell. Young even had to seek help from a psychologist. Eugene and Stepan decided to leave, but continued to live under the same roof. Ultimately, young parents were able to restore the relationship. Where a big surprise for fans of the couple became the message that the lovers are expecting their second baby. And then came news about the forthcoming wedding — this time official.

      “We’re already married, so we came up with calm emotions to this event. We decided in honor of the soon birth a second baby to legalize the marriage. Overall, we are happy! Though there is a little excitement anyway,” happily admitted to “StarHit” Eugene Shamaeva. In unison echoed her and Stepan Menshikov: “I feel a strong man, who has a loving and beloved woman.”

      Ales Kafelnikov

      Удар под дых: как звездам удалось пережить измены любимых

      They were like Romeo and Juliet: she is just 16, he is, unlike Shakespeare’s character, her senior by two years. Model Ales Kafelnikov is the daughter of a famous tennis player and Nikita Novikov is the son of a famous restaurateur – was tender inseparable couple. Ales sometimes even called him her husband. It seems that the parents believe in the seriousness of the feelings of young lovers. Certain hope entertained myself Ales. But Nikita, apparently, did not think about it. He lived in London, she in Moscow, and who checks his affair with other pretty girls? Here on this side of the character of his beloved Ales absolutely nothing knew. So it’s a real blow was the news of the betrayal of Nikita Masha Morozova. The breakup was inevitable.

      “Around our break was a lot of gossip, including, and about the cheating, but really we just grew cold to each other. He goes to Boston we rarely saw each other, did not understand and did not feel each other. Therefore, the decision that I’m going to have a career, and it is a study were taken together. Now we don’t communicate – it would be too hard,” – admitted later Les.

      Larissa Kopenkina

      Удар под дых: как звездам удалось пережить измены любимых

      This marriage caused a real stir in the community: a loving relationship Larisa Kopenkina and Prokhor Chaliapin is not discussed is just lazy. Successful business lady and a graduate of “factory of stars” suddenly became the most famous people. Was this story a surge of these passions or at all events was a specific calculation, it is now difficult to judge. However, the happiness on the face of Larissa seemed genuine.

      It took some time and the audience will once again stirred up the event Prokhor Chaliapin slammed the door, “nice tent,” he announced the divorce and usilk another woman. His choice at that time was the model Anna Kalashnikova. True relationship with a charming brunette, the artist did not work — now he spends the evening alone, while his ex-wife had an affair with a young businessman. Larissa Kopenkina: “I Have had a second child!”

      Julia Baranovskaya

      The topic of divorce Russian football star Andrei Arshavin and Yulia Baranovskaya, perhaps exhausted before the end. After the collapse of the family Julia from Housewives became a star of television and even wrote a book about former relations with her husband. And Arshavin has officially married his new sweetheart – journalist Alice Catimini. Although we remember that all these events were preceded by a series of scandals in the press and numerous TV shows, always held noisy, with shocking details. Some were blaming Andrey Arshavin, who is “left adrift” three children, leaving the family without a penny. Others condemned Yulia Baranovskaya, by focusing on his person and trying to look like a victim of the useless husband.

      One day the wife of Arshavin Alice Kazmina expressed “StarHit” own opinion. “I don’t understand Yulia Gennadyevna (ex-wife of Andrew. – Approx. “StarHit”), which wants to flaunt. If the time comes, the story she tells right and left, appear in a very different guise – as is indeed the case. I have 10 years of marriage behind them and two children. Do not like the publicity and attention. I’m pretty modest. If for almost 4 years have passed, and only heard one side.”

      Roman Kostomarov

      Удар под дых: как звездам удалось пережить измены любимых

      Ice age in the relations of Roman Kostomarov and Oksana Domnina, is long over. “Runaway” wife returned to their family land. But “homewrecker” is a famous actor Vladimir Yaglych all the time, do not interfere. Short love story Yaglych and domninoj began during the famous show “Ice age”. So, in dance, in the eyes of the jury and TV viewers between the partners arose the first high feelings.

      Of course, Roman Kostomarov was not very pleasant to contemplate, gently embrace his civil wife. But it was where to go: this is the genre of ice art. And soon Vladimir Yaglych admitted to “StarHit”: “It seriously and hopefully for a long time”. And ears in love with Oksana echoed him: “we love At first sight”. Perhaps, mutual feelings played a role: dancing couple brilliantly won the show “Ice age”. But love is a complicated romantic relationship eventually lost its fervor. Oksana Domnina decided to return to his family. “Oksana and Roman’s all good, they now live together, have informed “StarHit” stepfather figure skater. But Yaglych she left, Yes, they really were not a family.”

      Then the parents of a charming little girl got married, and after a while in their family has another family member in January of this year they had a son.

      Victoria Dayneko

      The winner “Factories of stars 5” Cheryl Cole was the heroine of many love stories. Beautiful, intelligent and bright girl, it was impossible not to notice. Without experiencing shortage of suitors, Victoria waited patiently for her Prince. But to achieve this, she had to go through a lot of personal turmoil. One day, she bitterly confessed to fans that repeatedly passed through such a severe test as the betrayal of a loved one.

      “Betrayed me on a regular basis. From early childhood I learned what betrayal. But I haven’t lost faith in people. God is the judge of those who behave dishonestly, but I can’t be insincere”.

      She still recalls the story of how the beloved has forgiven the cheating, caught him literally in bed with another girl. But today, the charming Victoria can consider itself to be a truly happy woman: she is married to a man I love, drummer Dmitry Kleiman, who is raising a lovely daughter.