Alla Pugacheva has hired five security guards on holiday in Jurmala

Алла Пугачева наняла пятерых охранников на отдыхе в Юрмале The actress and her husband did everything to leave for their family was safe. The Villa where to spend time celebrity surrounded by security, providing that there we no other. However, the city Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin walk unaccompanied by guards.

      Алла Пугачева наняла пятерых охранников на отдыхе в Юрмале

      To protect stay in the Latvian resort, Diva used the services of a private security company, whose staff worked on the “New wave” in Jurmala. Five security guards are always on site, Alla, not allowing outsiders to invade the personal space of a celebrity.

      “For the provision of such services is always a contract – said “StarHit” one of the employees of the company SP Legions. – Of course, as the star she was made off. In General, the cost of protection for such a long period – about three million rubles.”

      As wrote “StarHit”, from the beginning of June, the Diva is resting on the Baltic coast with her husband and children Lisa and Harry. Star family rented for the summer one of the most luxurious mansions on the Baltic coast and enjoy the solitude in the shade of ancient trees. However, the city of Pugachev and Galkin walk without protection.

      Maxima seen not just riding a bike – says “StarHit” Lana Kocher. – Stopped in the center, asked a photo for memory, and he hand shows: “I’m in a hurry, there’s my kids to go to them food!” Turn my head – really, a boy with a girl and two nannies from the Park “Legend” on the coast heading our way. But the we did, after which I invited Maxim to your optician promised to go, choose points”.
      Алла Пугачева наняла пятерых охранников на отдыхе в Юрмале

      In Jurmala Galkin recently celebrated 40th birthday. Guests gathered at the restaurant Philippe’s on the Avenue Bulduri, where they prepared seafood – caviar, crab, carpaccio, and then moved to the house of Igor Nikolaev. Pugachev residents also met without bodyguards at the Playground near the Villa. Pugacheva and Galkin have surprised the inhabitants of Jurmala shopping

      Алла Пугачева наняла пятерых охранников на отдыхе в Юрмале

      “She played with kids, helped them to climb the hill, rode on a swing, – has shared with “StarHit” watching this picture of Anna Savkus. – Then the nurse came and four of them went home.”

      Not long ago, the family of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin celebrated Latvian national holiday Ligo. On this occasion, little Lisa dressed in a white dress, and her head was adorned with a wreath of wildflowers. Photo daughter of artists attracts attention of users of social networks and long been discussed. Maxim Galkin has shared the first Latvian the daughter

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