Анна Чапман учится разбираться в мужчинах Ex-agent not yet found the balance in relations with the opposite sex. Anna Chapman has admitted that she lacks this skill, especially when it comes to work. Star working on clothing industry.

      Анна Чапман учится разбираться в мужчинах

      In September last year, Anna Chapman became a mother. A former intelligence officer and host of the TV program “Secrets of the world” did not advertise this fact, but concealed it from the public failed.

      Ex-spy Anna Chapman gave birth to first child

      Apparently, expecting a baby beneficial to creative endeavors the ex-agent. During the last months of pregnancy, Chapman was actively engaged in business. Star has created his own clothing brand “Anna Chapman”.

      At work and in life, Anne must communicate with partners and customers, many of whom are of the opposite sex. In my experience, Chapman realized that it was not so easy. By the way, the name of the father of the child of a former spy secret that gives a reason to her fans to assume that Anna’s heart freely.

      “I would not say that in Russia there is a gender discrimination. But generally energy women very much affects what the people around her. For example, you cannot be too strong. Only in those situations where it is beneficial. And sometimes you have to be weak, or on the way will meet only the weak men,” says Chapman.

      Anna admits that she has not yet managed to find the balance between weakness and strength in relationships with men.

      “If felt, would have been maybe lucky in that regard. And while I’m in the process of finding this balance,” says the star.

      We will remind, in November the year before Anne opened their first store in the territory of design factory “Flacon” in Moscow. And in June of last year started to operate the third boutique in Moscow, at the opening of which was attended by Anna being in her seventh month of pregnancy. The Chapman business is developing by leaps and bounds.

      “I am very pleased, when the girls send their photos in Instagram, for example: “I got married in your dress.” Or choose our outfits for prom and on June 25 I go to Moscow and see every tenth girl, dressed in our brand. I sometimes come and say, “Girl, you have a very beautiful dress!” And when I see in her eyes that she is proud of it, it’s such a distraction,” shares Chapman in an interview with the SNC.



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