Гарри Поттер верхом на Пьере Безухове выбрался с необитаемого острова The film “Man Swiss army knife” has wowed audiences the festival its hidden meaning and humor. The festival “Swiss army knife” will be released in theaters in the last days of June.

      Гарри Поттер верхом на Пьере Безухове выбрался с необитаемого острова

      Last week kicked off the 38th Moscow international film festival. In the framework of the show the audience, show how the movies and unknown to the General public picture. The Directors have already shown to Moscow audience on the film “Daughter”, “Wiles”, “Brutus” and many others.

      The opening ceremony of the Moscow international film festival has presented a few surprises. Elena Kuletskaya showed excellent form after childbirth, losing weight more than 10 pounds in a month. Marat Basharov came to the opening of the show with his pregnant wife Elizabeth Savercool. MIFF 2016: Basharov with his pregnant wife and Kuletskaya for the first time after giving birth

      A real buzz at the film festival created the film “Man Swiss army knife”. At the door of the cinema “October” crowd of people who wished to evaluate the work of Directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Sinerta. The picture previously won the prize for best Director at the festival “Sundance”.

      Shooting simultaneously crazy and wise Comedy Directors blessed the genius Quentin Tarantino, in 2015, given the fans of the movie “Disgusting eight”.

      The picture “Man Swiss army knife” tells the story of a boy Hank, who is stranded on a desert island. Suddenly he finds on the Bank a corpse named Manny. It is this character, played by Daniel Radcliffe, will help Hank survive in the wild and rediscover the joy of existence in this world.Together they make an epic adventure that will lead Hank to the sweetheart of his dreams. Also in the film starred Aaron Marshall, Antonio Ribero, Castille Marika and Mary Elizabeth.

      The story told by Dan Kwan and Daniel Synercom, striking twisted plot, humor, and most importantly − meaning. The Directors found inspiration in the works of Michel Gondry and spike Jonze. Initially, the film was able to become a successful short film, but the makers blew it up to full meters. In wide release film “Man Swiss army knife” will be released on June 30.

      Гарри Поттер верхом на Пьере Безухове выбрался с необитаемого острова

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