Алла Пугачева попросила прощения у умершего друга The diva turned to the founder of the ENSEMBLE “Jolly fellows” Pavel Slobodkin, under whose direction she once won a resounding victory at the international competition in Bulgaria. Wise words Alla touched her numerous fans.
Алла Пугачева попросила прощения у умершего друга

He died yesterday, 72-year-old composer, producer and founder of the ENSEMBLE “Jolly fellows” Pavel Slobodkin. At various times, the ensemble has given way to many stars of domestic show business, including Vyacheslav Malezhik Buynova Alexander, Alex Glyzin, Alexander Barykin and Alla Pugacheva. The musician called “the godfather’s” Diva, because thanks to him she took the first steps on the stage and received the Grand Prix at the festival “Golden Orpheus” in Bulgaria.

Died “godfather” of Alla Pugacheva Pavel Slobodkin

Alla have dedicated a post to Pavel Yakovlevich in one of social networks. People’s artist of the USSR remembered the years spent in a vocal and instrumental ensemble, and said goodbye to the producer. Diva did not hide his sorrow for the death of Slobodkin.

“Our dear Pasha! Sorry to see you leave this mortal world. Know that that part of my life that is associated with you, lit by our youth, the pursuit of goals, sometimes seemingly unattainable, happiness, success and bitterness of failure will remain with me until the end of my days. You’re a talented musician and composer, but the score of our life we do not write, and others, a higher power called destiny. Goodbye and sorry, buddy…

Years and sores do their thing, we’ll all be there. And there’s where you’re going, we will meet and answer all the questions that we in life and have not found an answer. Rest with God from the Madding crowd. Amen, Amen, Amen” – with these words the singer turned to his colleague.

Many fans of celebrities have joined her in expressions of sympathy. “Sorry for him”, “What a wonderful word”, “the Kingdom of heaven”, “We are all in this life is you,” “Very sincerely, only Alla Pugacheva”, “This world is not invented by us” “well said,” wrote in the comments to the publication of the prima Donna of the Russian stage.

Earlier his memories of the deceased composer shared and other stars of show business. So, Alexander Buinov has compared the death of Pavel Slobodkin with the completion of the whole stage.

“I also went through the school of “Funny guys”, gave the cause of VIA seventeen! Slobodkina thank you for the wonderful music, for bringing up good taste for austerity (to work us wasn’t easy). We are all grateful to him for everything! Eternal memory! The era, the era of vocal and instrumental ensembles. Rest in peace!” – shared the artist.

Igor Nikolaev also was shocked by the death of the famous composer. “Pavel Slobodkin… This name is inseparable from my childhood and adolescence! How many songs “Jolly fellows” covered by me in the Sakhalin restaurants! How much collected vinyl records!.. Had a chance to work with Paul and with “Funny…” over the music for the film, the CG of the USSR on the old circus. Sasha Buinov, Alex Glyzin… Pavel Yakovlevich was a very scrupulous in the matter of copyright, repeatedly called me to find quality recordings to release records with our songs… And told a huge number of interesting, almost fantastic stories about her life… I remember all of them…” said star music.