Ksenia Strizh attached to the kid from the orphanage

Ксения Стриж привязалась к малышу из детского дома Famous TV presenter is planning to have a baby. Now swift runs courses for parents, after which she will be allowed to take the pupil of the shelter. The young husband supports the desire of Xenia.
Ксения Стриж привязалась к малышу из детского дома

Ksenia Strizh was the guest of the program “live”. The woman admitted on the program that is going to have a baby. According to the presenter, popular in 90-e years, none of the previous representatives did not insist, so she became a mother, and the thought of children made her dread. In one of the other editions of the talk show, swift confirmed that suddenly lost baby so many years ago. Ksenia Strizh secret that lost a child

The current man Andrew Susekov celebrity under the age of 17 years. However, this did not prevent the pair in relationships. “He certainly wants a child. It the same for 30 years,” laughing said Xenia.

Swift plans to take the baby from the orphanage. Her friend offered once to visit an event where there were guys from the shelter. The Xenia was impressed by one boy, 8-year-old Simon. According to the woman, he was even on it something similar. During the first conversation with the pupil Strizh remember the date when he was born, and decided to make the guy a surprise.

“On may 21, his birthday, we went to the orphanage and made it his tea. He called all his friends. There are many difficulties. Need to finish the school foster parents, to receive a certificate. It is a prerequisite. To it also go the other contenders. Now he went to camp with other students,” – said TV presenter.
Ксения Стриж привязалась к малышу из детского дома

Some guests have criticized the swift, noting that the boy will often ask who is my grandmother or my mother. The presenter did not bother this time. She remembered that she had an old dad.

Experts questioned whether she ceased to abuse alcohol. Ksenia sought solace in alcohol after he lost both parents. However, according to swift, such a past does not prevent her to become a foster mother because the child did not pay attention to it.

During the program, with the participation of Xenia was also discussed her numerous novels. She met with various popular musicians, and now a happy fourth marriage. A familiar presenter noted that the swift doesn’t feel for 50 years.

Ксения Стриж привязалась к малышу из детского дома

Andrew, husband of the star, said that he had fallen in love with her just from the second look. The husband said swift, they have not yet made a decision about adoption of the child.

“We think about it. That decided to give birth to her, nobody speaks. Not dwelling on that need. In addition to adoptions, we have many plans,” said Surikov.