Yuri Nikolaev explained how you saved the family

Юрий Николаев объяснил, как сохранил семью Presenter has revealed the secret of a solid relationship with the second half. For more than forty years of Yuri Nikolaev happy marriage with Eleanor gravis. The harmony which reigns between the couple, never ceases to fascinate viewers.
Юрий Николаев объяснил, как сохранил семью

In July on the First channel premiered the morning program “good faith”, which leads Yuri Nikolaev. In the new show star TV travels to visit different interesting people and take their interviews. The conversation the men with celebrities are usually live and socialize. Talking with colleagues in show business, Nikolaev often deals with the themes of life and creation, happiness, love, and, of course, families and children.

He’s leading has been a long time happy in a relationship with Eleanor gravis. Wedding of Yuri Nikolaev and his lady was held in April 1975. Since then, the couple inseparable. The journalists decided to ask Yuri Alexandrovich the secret to a good marriage.

“Of course, no recipe for a happy family life I have. No algorithm is also not… And maybe they don’t need. Because if there is love then there is forgiveness, understanding, help… This is enough to keep the family together and the love that formed this family,” shared leading.
Юрий Николаев объяснил, как сохранил семью

During the conversation with correspondent Yury Nikolayev also said more information about the format of the new transmission. In recognition of the leading, many stars happily agreed to give him an interview.

Юрий Николаев объяснил, как сохранил семью“The actors that we first came to visit, very quickly responded to the invitation to have a heart – because I know that in our conversation nothing bad will happen. Will not “yellow”, questions that will put them in an awkward position. It’s just a meeting of friends who have been together for life one year,” said Nikolaev.

As noted by the presenter, the program “my word” is a discussion of life of a particular person over a Cup of tea. When the show is filmed at the cottage, the hero, and the location is limited to the deck and view from it. Though sometimes admitted Nikolaev weather puts the TV in an awkward position. So, after a conversation with Polina Gagarina man came in two days.

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“I worked in the pouring rain! (…) Cold, with temperatures in full… But we agreed not to stop shooting, and turned the weather into the conversation: talked about its variability and continued to shoot in the rain”, – quotes Yury Alexandrovich the newspaper “Amurskaya Pravda”.

Note that the new program with Yury Nikolaevym a compared with the program “While all houses”. In an interview, the presenter assured reporters that his colleagues did not seek someone to repeat. The TV star denies that to come up with a brand new program is difficult.