Alla Pugacheva and Laima Vaikule found the treasure in the sea

Алла Пугачева и Лайма Вайкуле нашли клад на берегу моря Maxim Galkin shared with subscribers of another video with wife and her friend. During the video of the famous singer suddenly find amber jewelry and food, and then arrange an impromptu picnic.

Category Maxim Galkin in Instagram, dedicated to the adventures of two pop stars, enjoys huge popularity among subscribers of comedian. After stories about unusual diets and search narrowing, Alla Pugacheva and Laima Vaikule decided to take a walk on the beach, but here, artists caught up with the adventures.

Ladies came across amber jewelry that washed up on shore. Going a little further, Alla and Lyme Stanislavovna found the food and drinks, which were thrown on the sand. Without hesitation, the actress decided to have a picnic.

“I wish people to storm in their life only the sea”, – said Pugachev in the end of the video. Friend was supported by Vaikule, who is often urged to get out into nature.

The video has expectedly caused a stir among fans, who once again was delighted with the sense of humor of famous artists. “You are so positive! Made my night perfect” “What an incredible girlfriend. Always watching for new videos and never disappointed,” wrote fans Alla Stanislavovna and limes.

However, the greatest compliments were given a sense of self-irony stars and perfect appearance Pugacheva. The diva appeared on video in short shorts, showing slender legs. Fans never tire of noting that the singer is in perfect shape and her figure is the envy of every woman.

Maxim Galkin before also showed off her body in all its glory. The comedian laid out the frame in some batches. In the photo, he froze in the air during a jump with an amused expression. Fans were surprised at this frankness, because Galkin never showed his underwear.

The stellar family has a rest in Jurmala, so Alla Borisovna and Laima Vaikule see each other almost every day. Artist visit local restaurants, walk a lot and come up with plots for new videos. Maxim Galkin tries to spend all his free time with his wife and children, but it is often necessary to go to Moscow to work.

In the star family definitely is a real idyll. Recently, the children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva has told about the cherished desires. So it became clear that Harry wants to ride the train, and Lisa wants to get a puppy. Fans of the comedian are sure that the heirs of the famous clan will be able to achieve a lot in the future and will inherit the creative talents of parents.