Кто пел на свадьбе Леди Гаги? Wherever I go, there’s only talk about the wedding of Gaspar and Lilita. This is an amazingly beautiful celebration may be the main event of the summer. It was like on the set of Hollywood blockbusters.

Each invitee was sent a black case with a figurine “Oscar” inside. And received the suitcase even had a screen with a video message to the guests. Hall to honor the bride and groom, their parents also chose. Here, the Dolby theatre, which annually give out “Oscars” – the main award of the American Academy.

The couple was also dazzling, in no way inferior to movie stars. On the huge balloons of the colors and flow of roses, the couple looked like a Prince and Princess from the fairy movies. Although leading the ceremony of this level usually do not present the Network with what is happening, my partner Ksenia Sobchak to hold back failed and posted in Instagram a little video with the comment: “Not every day to announce Lady Gaga!” And most of all struck Xenia, when the singer began the performance hits, the guests were actively photographed with me and the Xenia.

Lady Gaga, Basque and Sobchak lit on elegant wedding in Hollywood

Of course, I was hoping to find out who sang at his own wedding, Lady Gaga (there are persistent rumors that her marriage to Christian Carino happened not only in heaven), but the secret is not disclosed, while remaining a real diva. Fur Cape from Russian designer Helen Yarmak only strengthened this impression.