15-летняя подопечная Наргиз Закировой скончалась от рака Nadia Yashina for several years struggled with cancer, but was not able to prevail over a serious diagnosis. In 2015 during one of the concerts Nargiz Zakirova told about his fan in the hospital. And recently, a music video dedicated to the compatriot with a serious diagnosis, recorded the participant of the second season of the show “the Voice”, Alex Minchenko.
15-летняя подопечная Наргиз Закировой скончалась от рака

Hope Yashin a few years fought a battle with cancer. The girl was under the patronage of the Foundation, which is trying to maintain the wards. Workers have found that 15-the summer inhabitant of Bryansk passionate about creativity Nargiz Zakirova, so gave her a pleasant surprise. In may 2015, during one of the performances, the famous singer gave the fan hi.

“I believe that I have you everything will be fine. Albeit, I’m not near you, but you need to feel my support. Most importantly, keep smiling and believe in recovery,” said Zakirova from the scene.

Recently, in support of the girls was made by another artist, who became famous thanks to the show “the Voice.” Alexey Minchenko recorded for Nadia touching song called “Love river”. The artist performed an acoustic version of the song with a guitar and said touching words to the girls.

Lyric song struck a chord in the hearts of fans, who praised him for his generous gesture. “The girl needs support, good for you”, “Wish good health to you and your trust,” wrote fans of the artist.

Minchenko, too, was born in Bryansk, therefore, a story of Hope Yashin interested him. The singer wished the girl physical and mental strength, hoping that she would be able to defeat this terrible disease.

However, the miracle did not happen: 9 Jul Nadia Yashin died in hospital. The doctors confirmed that the girl had time to see the message of the musician, and it made her very touched. A resident of Bryansk to the last never lost faith in healing, even though doctors made pessimistic forecasts.

“This morning, my homegirl is gone from the world, unable to withstand the struggle with cancer. I know she’s watched music videos and I am glad that at least for four minutes I managed to make the mood better Nadi”, – said Minchenko on the page in a social network.

A tragic story of Hope Yashin instantly struck a chord in the hearts of ordinary Russians. My condolences to the parents of the girl and her friends were expressed by many concerned citizens.