Aliya Mustafina has shared the first picture of a newborn daughter

Алия Мустафина поделилась первым снимком новорожденной дочери Two-time Olympic champion a month ago became a mother. Aliya Mustafina congratulated the fans with the last Day of love, family and loyalty, a touching photo of the little heiress. The athlete is enjoying motherhood and prefers not to dwell on his beautiful status.
Алия Мустафина поделилась первым снимком новорожденной дочери

In mid-June it became known that the winner of the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, gymnast Aliya Mustafina and her husband, bobsledder, Alexey Zaitsev became parents for the first time. In a family of athletes daughter was born. Reported this to the fans of the young father, however, a few days after the baby born. The happy parents were photographed during one of my walks with a newborn daughter. Later Aliya and she demonstrated how she is warming up on the bench during the boardwalk with the baby in the Park. In both cases, the heiress of the pairs was in a wheelchair.

And in the Day of Peter and Fevronia, the young parents decided to please fans of the whole series of images. First Aliya Mustafina posted a touching photo in which a little girl holds her finger with your fragile fingers.

“With a wonderful holiday all! After all, when in family there is love, nothing more beautiful is not to think, and all of this can be because of the faithfulness of”, – has signed a snapshot with her daughter and a young mother.

A little later, the photo of the girl posted, and happy father Alexei Zaitsev. Athlete gently presses her daughter to her chest, in the picture you can see the pretty face of a little girl. By the way, parents do not tell any details about your child. Someone from subscribers in the comments said that Mustafina and hare their heir called Alice.

“Very nice photo”, “happy holiday you and your family, alia. Alex, be happy”, “you Have a lovely baby”, responded the fans of the pair on the touching pictures of the girls.

Recall that the wedding Aliya Mustafina and Alexei Zaitsev took place in November last year. It was attended by only relatives and friends of the couple. Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina got married

The celebration took place in Krasnodar. About happy event in the life of famous athletes became known through social networks. In the Internet appeared the first photos from the ceremony. The photographs, which pleased fans of aliyah and Alexis, they looked happy and peaceful. Fans rushed to congratulate them with a change in marital status, and in January of this year it became known that the young family is expected to replenish.