Татьяна Лютаева призналась, с кем живет недавно родившая Агния Дитковските
The actress engaged in the improvement of the plot.

Tatiana lutaeva and Agnia Ditkovskite

Photo: @tanialyutaeva Instagram Tatiana Lutaeva

Tatiana lutaeva recently invited me to his home the film crew of the program “a Perfect repair”, headed by Natalia Barbier. During the filming of the programme, the actress revealed a few family secrets. So, she admitted that her daughter is Agnia Ditkovskite son Fedor, contrary to rumors, he lives with her in the same house.

Not so long ago in the network of heated discussion about the identity of the alleged father second, recently born, baby Agnes. If you believe the information published in the media, they became the native of Tashkent — Amir. It was reported that Ditkovskite allegedly plans to move to a new lover. However, as can be seen, this has not happened yet.

According to the story of Tatiana, she and Agnes are doing life together, but because of my busy schedule, hired a helper who was watching the house. But infield home Luchevoy was before the arrival of the software is quite developed. But now the site of the actress there was a large outdoor pavilion, and a Playground with swings and slides.

By the way, Tatiana and Agnes comfortable not only live together but also participate in the same projects. For example, now lutaeva shoots the daughter in the lead role new film. “There are couples who can’t work together. But this is not about me and my mom. While working with her on set, on stage I feel the only support!” — praised the mother Ditkovskite.

Recall that Agnes was so far not commented on the birth of her second child. The actress managed to hide from the public and a new novel, and pregnancy.