Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky found out the sex of the baby

Рита Дакота и Влад Соколовский узнали пол будущего ребенка
The singer annoys the increased attention to her “situation”.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky

Photo: @ritadakota Instagram Rita Dakota

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky soon become parents for the first time. The singer is already in her sixth month of pregnancy. The couple recently revealed that already know the sex of the baby. But to share this information with fans not yet ready.

Rita in his Instagram published a post in which he admitted that irritate her tactless questioning others about her “situation”. The question of whom she’ll see: “Boy or girl?” strongly irritates the artist. Especially because, according to Dakota, the doctor can not with 100% certainty to determine the sex of the child.

“We with Vlad in the first two ultrasound told one gender and the third already just said real, who was, as is not difficult to guess the opposite! And Yes, Paul we know, but will tell all when you want to tell. Can you?” said Rita.

Vlad’s wife recently started “mom” blog. In it she talks about how her life has changed with the onset of pregnancy. In addition, there is it gives those interested in advice about care during this period for skin and hair. Netizens with interest the publications of Rita. Vlad now focused on the release of new songs and clips, as well as touring performances.