Alla Pugacheva and Kristina Orbakaite teach children to drive cars

Алла Пугачева и Кристина Орбакайте учат детей водить машины Singer spent time with your heirs. Alla Pugacheva and Kristina Orbakaite decided to make Harry and Claudia, a fun weekend in one of the museums located in the Moscow region. The kids got a lot of bright impressions from the trip.

Last weekend Alla Pugacheva and Kristina Orbakaite spent together with loved ones. Celebrity went to the Museum of Vadim ZADOROZHNY, which presents a large collection of antique cars of the last century, including motorcycles, air transport, weapons, military equipment and vintage cars. The company who made the lovely Harry Galkin and Claudia Zemtsova. In addition, Christina Aguilera supported beloved husband Michael. He gladly spent time with her family.

Apparently, charming the heirs of celebrities got a lot of bright emotions from exciting excursions. While Alla Pugacheva and Mikhail Zemtsov showed the kids unique exhibits, Christina Aguilera filmed a family weekend for the section “Stories” in Instagram. The footage, which appeared in the microblog singer, it is clear that the lovely children were delighted with a trip to the Museum. They not only wanted to hear more about these or other vintage cars, but also with great joy, themselves sat behind the wheel of vintage cars.

Fans of the Divas found that the star looks amazing. They appreciated pictures depicting the famous, the numerous “likes”. “Goddess”, “Fairy”, “Favorite family”, “You are always on top,” “Super, “Beauty”, “What a friendly,” wrote social media users.

By the way, apparently, in the near future from Alla appears great-grandchildren. The heir to the famous family Nikita Presnyakov and his girlfriend Alena Krasnova actively preparing for the upcoming wedding. The celebration, scheduled for the end of July, will be held in Moscow. It invited friends and relatives of young people – only about 200 people. During the conversation with reporters, she admitted that he wants to become a mother of a boy and girl. “How many children we will have, we have not yet thought of. Perhaps, God willing,” said the beloved Presnyakov in the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV.

Note also that the Diva recently celebrated her birthday. April 15, Alla Borisovna was 68 years. On this occasion, Pugachev gathered family and friends. The celebration took place in a relaxed home setting. To congratulate the singer came Julia Proskuryakova and Igor Nikolaev, Valentin Yudashkin with his wife Marina, Christina Aguilera and Mikhail Zemtsov, and many others. Alla Pugacheva threw a party for friends in the castle