Rustam Solntsev lost brother

Рустам Солнцев потерял брата Showman escapes from the sad thoughts the work. A relative of Rustam Solntseva died after a cardiac arrest. The whole family grieved the loss, because it all happened so suddenly. The man was only 38 years old.
Рустам Солнцев потерял брата

Entertainer and former member of “House-2” Rustam Solntsev experiencing heavy loss. His elder brother Yaroslav died. The man told his followers about the tragedy in the family. According to Rustam, he tries to find solace in work. Despite the fact that it is very hard, he continues to conduct entertaining activities, because they do not want to let down the organizers.

“StarHit” contacted Solntsev and found out what happened with Yaroslav. According to the showman, a relative was unable to diagnose the disease. Rustam still doesn’t believe that his brother was alive.

“Days, of course, was terrible, – shares with “StarHit” Rustam. – The day I stand at the coffin, and after a few hours of going to party. Yaroslav was only 38 years… it All happened in an instant – my family still can’t believe what happened. He was such a kind man, always ready to help you… And more – strong man, about say “healthy as an ox”. A month ago, my brother became sick in the heart, but did not want to pay attention to it – worked for a Federal judge, work took up all his time.

It is said that once at the doctors to ride. Complained family, a wife and mom and dad tried to convince him to get tested, but did not… In the end Yaroslav heart stopped. Native now can’t forgive myself that I convinced him to go to the doctor…”

Followers Solntseva leave condolences on his page in the social network. “Hold on buddy”, “a Responsible person. I sympathize with you, Rustam, and I hope brother there is good, and you strength”, “Rustam, very sorry for your brother! Hang in there, Sad to lose loved ones”, – these words of support written by the fans of the showman.

Rustam loves his family and supports them. Recently, the artist decided to help the mother become younger. He took her to a plastic surgeon who podkorrektirovatj some of the features. Rustam Solntsev has invested in plastic surgery for moms

“He’ll clip the tip of the nose – this operation will help the mother to look younger, because the overhanging lip nose at any age adds to a woman’s years. The nose is known to grow life and falls – this is a very old face. Once Gayk Pavlovic will do mom, she’s gonna look a lot more attractive,” said Solntsev “StarHit”.