Голди Хоун спасла сына молитвой

Hollywood actress Goldie hawn believes in the miracle of healing prayer. And how can we not believe, if you have experience in this. In an interview with People, the actress said that he almost lost his son Oliver, and his miraculous rescue has strengthened her faith in God.

The first-born Goldie was born very weak. The day after the birth the baby developed complications and the doctors shrugged their shoulders – to save the little boy could only wonder. And it happened.
“I went to his room. My God, he was beautiful! I was at his bedside on his knees and put his hand on the son. Suddenly I felt connected with the universe. I began to pray and ask the Lord to heal my boy. I said, “Pass through me, heal my child.” I have no doubt that prayer worked. I’ve never been a very religious man. rather, a skeptic, despite the fact that I grew up in a devout Jewish family. For me, the healing of the son was phenomenal. A beautiful proof of the existence of a higher power” said Goldie.
The son began to recover in the eyes. the danger passed away, and now Hollywood is a great actor Oliver Hudson.
“He’s the best, most beautiful, wonderful father, actor, comedian, person, son. He is my gift from heaven, as all my children, they are all my gifts” said Goldie.
Recall that the hawn also has two other children – daughter Kate Hudson and son Wyatt Russell.