All in mother! Victoria Makarska compared daughter with me in childhood

Вся в маму! Виктория Макарская сравнила дочь с собой в детстве
The actress shared a rare archival imagery that has proven phenomenal similarity of mother and child.

Вся в маму! Виктория Макарская сравнила дочь с собой в детстве

Victoria Makarska

Photo: Instagram

Victoria Makarska has published a collage of two photos,
caused among her fans an unprecedented boom. Pictures, one of which depicted the actress in childhood and the other her daughter of Anton Makarsky Masha, showed that
the girl is incredibly similar to his mother. “Mary and the little mother — signed
photos of the singer. Soon mother’s day. Let us also offer their mummies! Personally, I
his maluleke sing a song from the movie “Mama”. Sing, standing on
the stool, like a child!”

Fans wrote under the post of the actress on the page in
social network an incredible number of comments, most of which
was surprised what he saw. “Wow, what an incredible likeness! I thought
Masha — copy of Anton! I thought so too, but here we see that Mary went to
my mom’s relatives! Mother and daughter: two copies! Incredibly, the feeling that the shot missed!” — they wrote.

Photo: Instagram

It should be noted that stars often share similar photo collections and in recent years it has even become a certain trend among celebrities.

For example, Maria Shukshina proved that her grandson’s Fame is very similar to his famous grandmother. The actress is constantly taking pictures of the grandson and sometimes shares his images
fans. Not long ago, the star published a photo of a boy next to a portrait of his grandmother at a young age, a little older than him
now. Fans immediately noticed that Slavik is simply a copy of his famous
grandmother.”However, one person?” asked in the comments of other subscribers.