Irina Sheik introduced a little daughter with Santa Claus

Ирина Шейк познакомила маленькую дочку с Санта Клаусом
The model has already started to prepare for Christmas.

Ирина Шейк познакомила маленькую дочку с Санта Клаусом

Irina Shayk


Irina Shayk decided to introduce his
daughter Leah with Santa Claus. To that end, her family in full force — Irina
with the baby, and her fiance Bradley Cooper visited the shopping center The Grove. After all, although
Christmas more than a month, Los Angeles is already in full swing
preparing for the holiday. Shopping Mall decorated with Christmas
attributes, and in one of the rooms,
called it a “Grotto” is Santa Claus!

here and looked to Irina with her beloved and daughter. However, at Leah, the visit not made
especially strong impression, because she
only 10 months and she’s still too small to appreciate meeting with a fabulous
character. To visit Santa Claus and Irina and Bradley dressed real casual in jeans, jackets and sneakers. However, as a self-respecting celebrity, they
complement their clothing of striking sunglasses.

We recall that Irina and Bradley started Dating in
April 2015, after she broke up with her former boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo. And became engaged to Irene and Bradley in December of last year, and Cooper gave her
the occasion of engagement stunning ring with an emerald. It is curious that it happened
shortly after it became known that Shayk is pregnant. By the way,
recently the news spread that the couple intends next year to replenish
the composition of his family, giving birth to a second child.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper with his daughter