Alisa VOX officially received the divorce

Алиса Вокс официально получила развод Former member of the group “Leningrad” is now free. Today the rumors about her separation from her husband was confirmed. It is reported that in early January her marriage with Dmitry Burmistrov M. V. successfully ceased to exist.

      Алиса Вокс официально получила развод

      After the controversial departure of vocalist Alice Vaux from the popular group “Leningrad” singer decided to go solo. A famous performer of a hit “Exhibit”, which truly glorified the artist, presented to the audience a new song. However, the stunning success of songs performed by the ex-soloist of “Leningrad” was not followed. The public strongly criticized the new creation of the stars, and even called the artist experiences a complete failure.

      New clip Alice VOX called fall of spring

      But, as it turned out, creative failure was accompanied by another. However, now it has been connected with personal life. Not so long ago there were rumors that the VOX does not live with your spouse Dmitry Burmistrov M. V. successfully. For a long time these conversations have not received any confirmation, but today the media learned that in the early years Alice and Dmitry got an official divorce.

      Interestingly, some believed that the discord between the couple started because of the frontman of the group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov. After two years in the summer the actors on stage portrayed obscene movements began to spread rumors about their romance. However, no confirmation of these words was not found.

      Photographer Dmitry Burmistrov M. V. successfully Alice is to build relations for a long time. The young man moved from Rostov to St Petersburg and at a party met a charming blonde.

      “At first they had been Dating, lived together, then got married, – says a friend VOX. Since autumn do not live together. Alice even took the ring and all the social networks her husband’s name was removed. Like they were officially divorced. Ask her directly not can – her now through a spokesperson to call need. Star!”

      Apparently, in the life of artist global changes take place. After the divorce and leaving the group, changed its manner of execution. The very same Alice claims that now her work will not be due to the fact the style in which she worked in “Leningrad”.

      According to LifeNews, the official divorce now ex-wife received in January, on the day of the birth of Dmitry. However, the photographer does not comment on the situation and does not report the exact dates of his marriage with VOX ceased to exist.

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