Scammers scolded “the Teacher” on behalf of Pauline’s former Grentz

Мошенники обругали «Физрука» от имени Полины Гренц

The star of the show told Woman’s Day that on the negative post on his page, learned from colleagues.

Passions around of the series “Fizruk” on TNT rage… this time the reason for the conversations was the post that appeared on the page of Sasha Mamaeva, actress Polina former Grentz.

The commentary States that the new series, to put it mildly, turned out to be “weak”…

“When I read scenario 3-Teacher, all seemed so fun, it’ll bomb. And the output – I was upset. It’s been 9 episodes and never got hooked. Boring, boring, even have to rewind his scenes just to look at their work. Very sad. Even the second season, despite its tragedy, it was more interesting to watch. The only plus from the third season for me personally that I 100% like how I grew up”, – was stated on the page of the actress.

To comment on the record immediately began colleagues on the set.

“Who has their projects-it drowns? Ay-ay-ay! Is not good,” said actor Daniel Vakhrushev, also known as “Valea Sluggish”. Not to mention the online users who immediately began to reprint “hot news”.

But, as it turned out, Pauline this post not only didn’t write, so all I learned about it from colleagues.

“I’m surprised it is hacked why Facebook and not other social network where I have a lot of subscribers, the same Instagram, for example. In the morning I was called by the employees of TNT and was asked to remove the post. And I don’t even know what it is. When I explained, I tried to go to their Facebook page, but I did not succeed, the page was hacked and blocked, told Woman’s Day Pauline. – Fortunately, I quickly managed to recover it by phone number. And, of course, immediately changed all the passwords. needless to say that this post was not written by me. I do Facebook almost… If I go there and appear my pictures, only duplicated out of Instagram with the help of the program.

Perhaps the only thing than I can explain it – Facebook is the only network where I have indicated not only a phone but email… And as many know my mail, and to hack, I think, no big deal”.

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