Spouse johnny Depp gave herself at the mercy of justice

Супруга Джонни Деппа отдалась на милость правосудия
Australian judge took into account the remorse amber heard.

Johnny Depp and amber heard

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Today, johnny Depp and his
wife arrived in Australia that amber heard could be brought before the local court. She had to answer before the law for the offence of which he or she
‘ve done in the past year. Against her was charged with illegal
importing animals to Australia. In addition, the investigation revealed, and some more
serious, from the point of view of the local legislation, offences.

However, amber found a way out
this difficult situation. On the advice of his lawyer, she decided to publicly
to repent. Hurd, together with her husband recorded the video in advance
posted on the web. In his address, amber admitted that broke the law, and long
was distressed about it. It together
my husband told me that just
Australia loves and deeply respects its laws. Hurd considers the nature of this
the continent is unique and deserves a serious defense. In conclusion,
Heard and Depp urged all to comply with Australian laws!

The video was shown and in the hall
the court and the lawyer of the actress made a heartfelt speech in
which stated that the whole story —
“terrible, terrible mistake”. He added that everything was a misunderstanding,
and his client in no way wanted to enter the local authorities in error.

After listening to the speech of repentance heard
and explain the lawyer, the judge relented and …
decided not to punish amber. She’s only ordered the “trial period”
in 1 month, during which she will be required to actively comply with the law. In
otherwise, she’ll pay is ridiculous if you consider the income of the couple, a fine of $ 1,000.

In short, the wife of Depp
got off lightly, while she faces severe punishment. It
incorrectly completed customs Declaration, which were not specified two
the dog, originally described as “falsification of documents”. But illegal
the importation of animals — as smuggling! On these two allegations, which, thanks to
penitence Hurd were filmed, the actress faced up to 10 years in prison and a fine of 100 thousand

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