Alina Sagitova made a new friend

У Алины Загитовой появился новый друг Olympic champion received a long-awaited gift. The puppy is a Japanese breed Akita inu now lives in Aline Sakitawaw. The athlete is already engaged with him all my free time.
У Алины Загитовой появился новый друг

On the eve of the home for any athletic competition the then 15-year-old Alina Sagitova asked parents to allow her to get a dog, if she wins the Olympics. Skater wanted a puppy, Japanese breed Akita inu. One day, in preparation for the games in Pyeongchang in the Japanese city of Niigata, Alina saw a photo of a dog of this breed and immediately fell in love. Japanese officials from the prefectural government and society for the protection of dogs of this breed immediately decided to give puppy athlete.

Alina won the Olympics, and the Japanese gave her the dog. The puppy came to her mistress the day before – may 26. In solemn conditions the three-month Akita inu named Masaru gave Alina a member of the society for the protection of dogs Takashi Endo.

Alina shared her emotions with reporters.

“Very heavy, but cool. Dog smells, she’s very very fluffy. I think that behind that honey I’ll particularly care to remain always such beautiful, well-groomed, clean. I’ll keep her home. I think Masaru is in good condition. Let (in Japan) don’t worry,” said Alina.

Masaru – girl, while in Japan, her name is considered masculine. Alina decided not to change the nickname of the puppy, though, because for the Russian ear it sounds quite feminine.

Puppy Akita inu is possible to buy in Moscow. The price for a Japanese dog in Russia ranges from 15 to 60 thousand rubles, depending on the pedigree.

This breed is particularly famous because of Hachiko, the most faithful dog Akita inu, who after the death of owner 9 years continued to come and wait for him after work. The dog put up a monument in memory of the shot touching touching film with Richard Gere in the title role. Dogs of this breed are considered to be most faithful to.

Alina Sagitova happy new friend. Athlete already walks Masaru and share videos with a walk in his Instagram.