Неудачные браки, конфликт с сестрой и нежеланный внук: семейные драмы Марии Шукшиной On may 27, the actress turns 51 years old. “StarHit” recalls the scandalous and controversial details from the biography of Maria Shukshina. Despite all the problems the star has faced in life, she still managed to remain optimistic.
Неудачные браки, конфликт с сестрой и нежеланный внук: семейные драмы Марии Шукшиной

Maria Shukshina is considered to be one of the most popular Actresses in the world of Russian cinema. She has repeatedly stressed that a huge influence to choose her path in life had parents. Vasily Shukshin started filming daughter in his films, when she was not yet two years old, and his mother Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin has strongly supported the creative endeavors of the successor.

The artist are always actively tells fans about new creative projects. The only thing that does not like to discuss star – personal life. “StarHit” recalls the most interesting details from the life of Mary and the mystery of her biography.


Неудачные браки, конфликт с сестрой и нежеланный внук: семейные драмы Марии Шукшиной

In the life of Maria Shukshina, there were three main men. With her first husband Artyom Tregubenko she met while training at the Institute. Classmates got married, and soon was born their daughter Anna.

However, at that time she was focused on her career. She tried to burst between the house and a film set, but in the end the relationship is still destroyed.

Ironically, the next choice of Mary was another of her classmate Aleksey Kasatkin. They met after a long separation in 1995. Soon broke out a passionate affair that turned into a second marriage. Here only the parents of the chosen one, admit most Shukshina, took it cold.

In 1998 a star again became a mother. Was born the son Makar, but Mary did not have time to linger in the decree. During this period, she actively played in the movie, and also led the program “Wait for me” on the First channel.

Alexey Kasatkin, who at that time was considered a successful businessman, too, was not thrilled with the permanent absence of wife at home. In the end, a few years later she decided to file for divorce.

Even more dramatic were the relations of Mary with businessman Boris Vishnevsky. After in 2005 she gave birth to twins Thomas and elect Fok, it seemed that their unbreakable Union. However, the case of the entrepreneur was gradually declined, and her acting career only went uphill. Constant quarrels because of jealousy and envy turned so that the artist decided to part with the civil spouse.

Here are just a Wisniewski was against a peaceful resolution of family conflict. The man was always given a hard-hitting interview, and the question of child custody, he chose to solve it through the courts. Mary herself was systematically silent on this issue. Only recently, she shed light on the relationship with the father of the twins.

“You’re right, he wasn’t my husband, although promoted under this name. A month ago he finally plucked up the courage and asked my pardon, calling it “a mistake” everything worked! I forgave a long time ago,” wrote the star on Instagram.
Неудачные браки, конфликт с сестрой и нежеланный внук: семейные драмы Марии Шукшиной

Now she prefers not to advertise personal life. On social networks she shares details about new projects and a rare joint staff with children. However, fans are confident that this beautiful woman may not be alone.


Неудачные браки, конфликт с сестрой и нежеланный внук: семейные драмы Марии Шукшиной

Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin does not hide that is proud of the achievements of her daughter. But the other two its successor are unable to achieve success in your career. So, the older half-sister Mary Anastasia long time could not forgive mother’s indifference. For the first time she saw a mother at the age of five years, and spent her childhood separated from her.

Now Anastasia Voronina Francisco is trying to make contact with famous relatives, but it proves to be difficult.

Younger sister Maria Shukshina Olga at all for a long time fought with her mother for the property. A woman has claim to a share in the father’s place in the center of Moscow, which is estimated at several dozen million rubles. Shukshin said that he wants to sell it, and use the proceeds to purchase housing son Vasily.

Friend Lidia Fedoseeva-Shukshina Stas Sadalsky negatively spoke about the current situation. He accused Olga of commercialism.

“Now, can barely walk, but continues to work, hoping to gather up the money to pay off his own daughter. Junior Olya put the mother’s condition to exchange or apartment, or to pay her 15 million for the law part. And leads everything about Basil makaritch, Holy, apartment, where, though short-lived, but they lived with Shukshin, she will never change”, – told the artist in the social network.
Неудачные браки, конфликт с сестрой и нежеланный внук: семейные драмы Марии Шукшиной

Shukshina Mary herself rarely comments on the controversial topic. During the episode “to visit In the morning”, dedicated to mother, she said that does not understand the fury with which Olga struggles for a share in the apartment. Artist condemned a sister for wanting to deprive her not only real estate, but the memory of his father.

At the moment it is unknown at what stage are the negotiations Lydia Nikolaevna with her daughter about the division of property. Fans assume that the star daughter has decided to temporarily retreat and to resolve family conflict.


Неудачные браки, конфликт с сестрой и нежеланный внук: семейные драмы Марии Шукшиной

In the fall of 2017, the son of Maria Shukshina Makar was at the center of the scandal. A sweetheart of a young man accused him of possession of a controlled substance and assault. At that time the girl was on the fourth month of pregnancy.

Soon the ex-fiancee of Makar Kasatkin began to explore the variety talk show, in which he told about the shortcomings of the father of their unborn child. Mary herself, like her son, preferred to remain silent. However, while chatting with fans on the social network Shukshin still commented on the scandal.

“I’m in shock from what was happening. But now there is a check in the police. Once the results are known I will call. Prior to the announcement of the results, it is all speculation (to put it mildly),” shared the star.

Soon Makar finally severed relations with the former beloved. She however chose to support his son in such a difficult situation. She tried to be close with a young man, not allowing him to despair because of personal problems.


Неудачные браки, конфликт с сестрой и нежеланный внук: семейные драмы Марии Шукшиной

May 14, 2018 Maria Shukshina again became a grandmother. She already has a grandson from her eldest daughter Anna. Here are just a newborn baby was unwanted for the family of the celebrated actress.

The thing that gave birth to a child ex-girlfriend son Shukshina Makar Kasatkina. Throughout pregnancy Freya Zilber actively went on various talk shows, and alienated famous actress.

“I was lying last two months of pregnancy in the hospital, in order not to lose the baby. On the part of the child’s father no one was interested in my health. Patronymic son, I have not yet given. Knew it would be hard, I knew what was going on,” said Freya in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

According to Zilber, relatives Makar refuse to recognize a newborn baby. The young man, like his famous mother, refuse to get in touch with Freya. Apparently, the behavior of the young women Shukshin so angered that she decided to completely ignore the news about the alleged birth of a grandson.

Fans of the actress hope she will be able to allow a scandalous situation in the family and in the end will not ignore the alleged grandson.