Scammers trying to cash in on the name of Vlad Listyev

Мошенники пытаются нажиться на имени Влада Листьева In mid-may, well-known TV presenter would have turned 62 years. On the eve of the anniversary in the Internet there was a loud announcement: “house for Sale-estate Vladislav Listyev. A cost of 25 million rubles.
Мошенники пытаются нажиться на имени Влада Листьева

According to realtor Nicholas, the estate of the celebrity is in the Moscow suburb of Malakhovka.

As has found out “StarHit”, the house is really for sale. But the favorite of millions has never been its owner. “I built this mansion, says Saldich, the owner of the building. – Land area during the time of Communists gave to the wife as a mother with many children. Leaf does not have any relation to it. Just we were friends for many years. Vlad, somehow passing by, saw the building, he liked architecture, has thrust on a visit. Since they were introduced. When it killed me the whole week dragged through police stations and questioned. And once even asked: “how much supposedly sold him the house?” For some reason many decided that Vlad is the master: it always saw me. Hence the legend of “House of Vlad listeva”.

That unscrupulous realtors trying to cash in on the name of the presenter, Caldic knows. However, sue does not want them.

“They is the make, probably, you want to make money, attract clients by trade star real estate”, – says Vladislav friend.

By the way, in the beginning of this year the son of a journalist, 34-year-old Alexander Leaf, became the leading talk show “#namazake”, which is published online and broadcast on MTV. In anticipation of the premiere of the project, Alexander came out of the shadows and gave reporters a brief interview.

“I never came to think about some other profession. My dad was an incredible contact, – has told then Leaves the Junior. – Despite its strong employment for work I have never experienced the lack of communication with him, his attention. My father often took me with him in Ostankino”.

Today he is happily married. He’s raising a 10-year-old Alexander and 8-year-old Arseny. According to the young men, his heirs was not just on his grandfather’s grave at the cemetery Vagankovsky.