Aliana Gobozova buried my mom

Алиана Гобозова похоронила маму Relatives said goodbye to Svetlana Ustinenko. A woman has died after a long illness at the end of last week. Her daughter and her husband flew to his hometown of Volgograd, where they spent Svetlana Mikhailovna in the last journey.

      Ex-participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Aliana and Alexander Gobozov went to Volgograd, where was held the funeral of Svetlana Ustinenko. To say goodbye to the woman also came to her ex-husband. Mother star of TV show struggled with glioblastoma of the brain IV degree within two years. Doctors discovered a malignant tumor in September 2014. At first, Svetlana had no idea anything could be so serious. The woman was tied to the frequent fainting just with the stress.

      Svetlana Ustinenko: cancer part daughter and fading hope

      Within a few months, the Network appeared the information that she was getting worse. Aliana helped her mother in Volgograd, and in the capital flew only for shooting. I supported her husband and mother-in-law Olga Gobozova that nursed their son Robert. The death of Svetlana Mikhailovna was a real blow for her family, because they believed that it would be better. Ex-participant reality show was treated in the summer at a place called dzhily-su. Along with Ustinenko to the mountains went her entire family. “The most important thing is to support the family, to spend more time with them together to ask each other for forgiveness for everything and tell you how much we love them. This is a very important and necessary,” wrote two months ago, Svetlana. This post was the last in the account Ustinenko.

      Aliana Gobozova learned about the death of his mother at the end of the broadcast, in which he participated. According to the producer of the reality show Alexei Mikhailovsky, the news he reported Olga Gobozova, which was next to Svetlana Mikhailovna. Aliana left in his touching entry dedicated to the deceased relative. “Today, your heart stopped… But you’ll be forever in our hearts and souls my bright, tender, kind, sincere mommy… Mom, do you hear, I feel bad without you… I love you more than life, I love you like no other… I’m always here, I feel you… I Ask all concerned to read along with me “Prayer for the soul of” slaves of God, Fatini,” wrote Gobozova.

      Under her post caring fans leave condolences and words of support. Many say that she was one of the wise mom, who visited the project “House-2”.