Paul Priluchny deceiving your child

Павел Прилучный обманывает своего ребенка The star of the series “Major” and his fiancee Agata muceniece and mother of two children. The eldest of them, Timothy, enjoys judo and football. Priluchny admitted to journalists that he did not want his son to follow in his footsteps. Its popularity Paul explains that he is a famous athlete.

      28-year-old Paul Priluchny – the father of two adorable children: three-year-old Tim and seven-month-old MIA. They were born in the marriage of the artist with the star of “the Closed school” Agatha muceniece. Paul recently told reporters about how he is raising heirs. According to Priluchnogo when a person has children, his Outlook on life completely changed. So, Paul is thinking about housing for the family. Previously, he did not even think about it, preferring its corner of the rented apartment. Actor of “Major” hopes that the construction of the house will end soon.

      In addition, Priluchny says that now every time he thinks about what his son or daughter. The actor understands that he is responsible for their loved ones.

      “The brain appeared. Do some things and think how you will look at the child, and what will he think, and what to do. That’s right, probably when the parents have such thoughts. Because now you are responsible not only for themselves,” said Paul to reporters.

      Of course, fame Priluchnogo impact on the lives of his family. Strangers often approach him and ask for a photo. Paul has to explain to the eldest heir, why is this happening. He prefers not to speak to his son that starred in the movie. In their family very rarely watch TV because muceniece Priluchny and try to protect children from its harmful effects. Therefore, the heir to the stars “Major,” not watched any film with my father. Paul does not know if he will tell ever children than it does in reality.

      “Timothy often asks me “Dad, why are you taking pictures?”, tell him “I’m an athlete!”, – confessed the actor.

      Priluchny told me she didn’t want son or daughter to follow in his footsteps. Of course, if Timothy or MIA suddenly appear a craving for acting, the parents will not interfere. The eldest child celebrity grows extremely active: he attends a music school and sports, which is judo and football. Timothy sings and dances for the overall development, explained the actor. In the future, as admitted Priluchny he wanted a son to become an athlete.