Алексей Воробьев рассказал об интимной близости в Петербурге The famous singer presented in the Northern capital, the film “Wake Up and. During the press-conference of Alexey Vorobyov told about how he filmed sex scenes with the Italian actress.

      Алексей Воробьев рассказал об интимной близости в Петербурге

      Singer and actor Alexei Vorobyov came to St. Petersburg to present the film “Wake Up and in which he not only played a major role, but also wrote all the music.

      It is no secret that the actor and singer is a big workaholic, who by his own admission can work “always and everywhere”. Even from the premiere of the film “stand Up and fight”, which took place on Thursday at open Studio “Lendok” he did the whole show – mini-concert creative evening and the presentation of his group of “Friends.”

      Of course, “Lendok” this evening was filled with beautiful girls, young and old, who are not only fond of the creativity Vorobyov, and dream to get his hug. Recall that in the final of “the Bachelor,” the actor immediately dismissed the two girls: Natalia Gorohovoj and Joanna Anosova. The ring, which he had to hand over to the bride, exhibited in the quality of the prize on the competition for fans of the project. Why Alexei Vorobyov did not choose on the Bachelor

      Alexey reluctantly talks about his personal life, and the press and then assigns all new and new novels.

      Алексей Воробьев рассказал об интимной близости в Петербурге“Understand, love is not “Eurovision”, and I’m not Dima Bilan. To try twice in anything but love – you either fall or achieve gradually. You can not change or modify the senses, you cannot adjust it to their needs. Make love not work, no one ever” – said Vorobyov, answering the question about the possible continuation of a relationship with someone of the girls with the project.

      However, in St. Petersburg Vorobiev refused to flirt. During his speech, he threw the sharp jokes in the hall, embraced the dancing girls and flirted with them. For example, one of the girls asked Alex a question about Italy, because of the film “Wake Up and is happening in this country, it gave him a red rose is a symbol of the show “the Bachelor.”

      Pleased the audience and a girl named Xenia, which sent a ridiculous note in which he complained, Alexei, Petersburg associated with the song of Sergey Shnurov “In St. Petersburg – drink”, while, according to Ksenia, “Petersburg is the most romantic city of Russia”. And then followed an unusual question: “How are you about to make love in our city?” After a long laughter, sparrows became serious and all of a sudden open up.

      Алексей Воробьев рассказал об интимной близости в Петербурге“Maybe I’ll surprise you, but I’ve done it here! And, by the way, I tried to start the relay in Instagram, although nobody supported me. The idea is good, so if you start, I promise to support her as I can. Can and legs to support, you can stand next to and as a coach to say: “Come on,” – said Vorobyov.

      Alex also spoke about filming in the new film – about how to prepare for an international project, as taught Italian, played sports. But the most difficult for him was a sex scene with an Italian actress, during which both actors were completely naked.

      “It was cool, and it is, I tell you, confused. But when the scenario Julia came over and hugged me, I realized that the dearer and nearer that person for me, not now”, – says Alexei.

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