Марина Африкантова и Андрей Чуев улетели вместе на Кипр The infamous pair of “House-2” made up. Marina Afrikantova and failed to lose yourself in the arms of the main heartthrob of telestroke Ivan Bursikova. The girl returned to Andrey Chuev.

      Marina Afrikantov are confident of victory in the contest “man of the year” on the project “Dom-2”. Last year this title was awarded to Andrey Chuev, which made the girl almost got married some time ago. According to preliminary results Marina is in second place, and ahead of the final. It is not excluded that for the sake of victory Afrikantov will try to do everything to get the favor of the audience telestroke.

      Interestingly, the star of “House-2” already decided on a risky step. She went to a reconciliation with former fiancé Andrew Chuyev. The couple ended with a scandal, the wedding was canceled almost at the last moment. After Afrikantov have experienced a short affair with the main heartthrob of the project Ivan Bursikova, the girl returned to ex-lover.

      Marina and Andrew gave each other another chance and went together to Cyprus, where they can start life with a clean slate. In a hot country a couple will not confuse the camera, other participants “House-2” and curious spectators. Perhaps it is here, on the coast, Chuev and Afrikantov finally sort out their feelings.

      “And only your smile is incentive for me infinity days, sorry, love, I made mistakes and the paucity of mired his… Only you got me back, blinking your more beautiful than Paradise a hundred times”, – signed photo of Marina in Cyprus Andrew.

      Recall, when Chuev left the project, Afrikantov decided to try his luck with Ivan Bursikova, which was known as telestroke ladies ‘ man. But to build strong relationships to young people and failed. Moreover, about parting with Marina, he declared publicly in his “Instagrame” does not even notify me of their passion. “Let’s stay friends” – these words of Barstow made an attempt to build a love with Africanoboi.

      Apparently, after the failure with the new boyfriend, the girl realized that it may give another chance to a relationship with Andrew Chuyev. Apparently, love still managed to win all disagreements between young people. Andrew was seriously tempted to take Marina down the aisle. For this he is officially divorced from their former spouse. But the money issue has ruined your dream wedding.

      Marina Afrikantov threw Andrey Chueva for money

      “Few are willing to go with my man from the beginning, together experiencing the moments when you sometimes need to give up luxuries. Much easier to find and remember what man is terrible and he’s not worthy of the most worthy. Not worthy of her expensive manicures, expensive hair extensions and branded clothes, because they are the most important. I’m not the guy that will go over the imaginary virtues. You may write anything you want, but in our world money rules. And everything is evaluated not Valentines. Marina left me, not to give money. Logically, that money is more important than I am” – in the hearts wrote Chuev.

      Apparently, the short separation has enabled the lovers to rethink and understand the value of their relationship.

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