Alexandra Bortech told about the hate Paulina Andreeva

Александра Бортич рассказала о ненависти к Паулине Андреевой The actress has told about how has gained 20 kg, and revealed details of work on the Comedy “Mistress”. According to Alexandra Bortech, they Paulina Andreeva was involved in the General scenes. The girl shared easily whether she found a common language with a colleague.
Александра Бортич рассказала о ненависти к Паулине Андреевой

One of the roles in the film, Kirill Pletnev “Burn!” was played by 23-year-old Alexandra Bortech. Recently, the actress became a popular guest on the Network shows. Bortech told about the work on the film, and also shared his creative plans. According to the girls, drama Kirill Pletnev tells about a woman who is not what loves really.

Kirill Pletnev wants to shoot a drama about the “House-2” Olga Buzova

“The main character in a remarkable performance of Inga Oboldina works in the colony and secretly loves to sing. As a child she studied singing, then her life went the wrong way. Suddenly colleagues give her on the anniversary karaoke. The daughter removes it on video and post online. The video becomes viral. Woman want to fire, then to her come from Moscow and say: “You are the talent. Let’s go to the TV-project”, – said the actress.

Currently, Alexander is busy in the filming of the project Elena operate Hazanova “Mistress”. It also contains Paulina Andreeva, Yulia Aleksandrova, Maria Shalaev, Sergey Garmash and Gosha Kutsenko. In addition, in the Comedy appears Nikita Dzhigurda.

“Few people know about this, but I am very inclined to completeness. I’m working with the Paulina Andreeva, and she’s got the luxurious figure, and she quietly eats whatever he wants. So we have a joke that I hate Paulina. She had a point when she orders something and tells me “I’m Sorry,” recalled Alexander.
Александра Бортич рассказала о ненависти к Паулине Андреевой

Previously, Alexander has gained 20 kg for the role in the movie “I lose weight”. The actress is heavily leaned on pizza and sweets. According to the artist, the producers controlled the process.

Александра Бортич рассказала о ненависти к Паулине Андреевой“My stomach first fullness, then thighs, hands. It was very funny to know that I have a month and a half on a set of 20 kg. Corresponded with the producers, send them your pictures. In my contract it was spelled out, what number and how much should I weigh. When I gained 9 kg, the producers of panic. They saw that I look good, and began to shout: “Why don’t you put on weight? What’s going on?” – says the girl.

Bortech also admitted that losing weight was hard. To get rid of extra pounds, Alexander’s village on a diet and exercise.

“Everybody seems to think that there is some magic method, but in reality it is not. You need to eat right and devote time to sports. I started to lose weight and a half month to complete filming. It was difficult,” she said in an interview with the show “OK!”.