Orbakaite did excellent repair in the apartment Pugacheva

Орбакайте сделала шикарный ремонт в квартире Пугачевой The legendary singer has transformed housing mother on Tverskaya. Kristina Orbakaite remained in awe of the results of design of experiments. It was here that she decided to celebrate Christmas together with family members.
Орбакайте сделала шикарный ремонт в квартире Пугачевой

Apartment on Tverskaya went to Alla Pugacheva in the 70-ies. It is here that rose Kristina Orbakaite, and it is here were recorded and written major hits artist. My daughter Diva a very special attitude to the property, so she decided to entrust the arrangement of the program “a Perfect repair”.

The actress once stated that she has specific tastes in design, so the experts had to consider the original design of each room

“My character is combined with the femininity, the softness with the will and strong character. That is why I love design, the combination of incongruous. It is like when in one room there are metal, while warm colors, such as bronze and ochre,” shared Christina.
Орбакайте сделала шикарный ремонт в квартире Пугачевой

The star admits that she’s in for many months tried to do in good repair, but it absolutely is not enough time for this. Despite his busy touring schedule, Christine still tried to take part in the design. She gave advice regarding the design of rooms, choosing color for the walls. In the end, the singer was left in complete awe of the results.

“To be honest I really did not expect such. If they were not in my favourite apartment of my childhood, and somewhere in another dimension. Now we are here to celebrate Christmas, we gather all family and celebrate a housewarming,” Orbakaite told about the impressions.
Орбакайте сделала шикарный ремонт в квартире Пугачевой

Especially Christina was impressed that most of the furniture was made in Russia. The specialists from Chelyabinsk, Kazan, Voronezh was responsible for creating unique Bluetooth headset for the singer.

The program organizers took into account the advice of the artist about the design, but also considered the difficulty of her profession. So, for Christine had chosen the hard mattress, through which she can truly relax after a concert. Bathroom in lavender tones I liked Aguilera, but her daughter Claudia.

Орбакайте сделала шикарный ремонт в квартире Пугачевой

The singer impressed and huge walk-in closet where she can store and try on your various outfits. In the hall the designers have placed a mirror in full growth, which also left Christine indifferent.

The only thing that worried the organizers of the program “a Perfect repair”, so it is about the reaction of Alla Pugacheva such radical changes in her beloved apartment. However Orbakajte hastened to reassure the lead.

“I think mom will like it. Moreover, the design is so original,” said Aguilera.

The design of each room was thought out to the smallest detail. Experts have tried to make the room bright and airy at the same time. Son Orbakaite Denis said that now mother and elder brother Nikita will be able not only to meet here for family gatherings, but also to write songs.