Alexander Zadoinov beat a girl

Александра Задойнова избили из-за девушки The participants of the show “Dom-2. The island of love” started to argue. Ivan Barzakov hit by Alexander Zadoinov, as, according to some, the young man spent the night with his girlfriend Irina Pinchuk.

      On the project “Dom-2. The island of love” met attractive girls who in any way seek to position yourself on singles show Ivan Bursikova and Alexander Zadoinov. Men also compete with each other, surprising the other women in the show surprises on dates.

      On the eve in Seychelles was organized the shindig, during which Ivan had Barsikow attentions to Irina Pinchuk. However, in the course of the evening she and the young man snapped. However, Barsikow felt that in the conflict are to blame Zadoinov. In the morning Ivan found out that Alexander managed to persuade Irina to the intima.

      This act of the companion caused anger and jealousy among participants of the show. Barsikow approached Zadoinov and punched him in the jaw. With two blows he knocked out Alexander. The incident occurred on the ocean, so Zadoinov fell into the water and almost drowned. This moment is captured on video. Judging by the roller, Ivan broke all the rules of the project, and the decision of the organizers, he can leave the show without the right to return to “the House-2”.

      Fans of the TV show condemned the behavior of Irina in social networks. The participant tried to justify on his page. “The relationship with van was not working, as much as I tried to convey to him about some of the things that introduced me as “disingenuous” with his hand, he didn’t hear me. All these provocations, and his behavior in General led me astray. The final point was after a quarrel in the dressing room, I was scared and very angry at John,” explained Pinchuk about his relationship with Ivan.

      According to bold brunettes, this moment was next Zadoinov, which calmed her down, cheer her up, they recalled the joint photo shoot, and then they were so overcome with emotion that they kissed. Pinchuk swore no intimacy between them was not.

      “Sasha started to defend me in front of the team, defended him I felt a little babe who was under the protection of a real man, we tried a relationship with him, but it lasted just two days. To me that was enough time to figure out who I want to see. I wildly missed Vanya,” wrote Irina. Girlfriend thinks of Bursikova man with whom she is ready to go through life together.