Died Lyudmila Ivanova

Скончалась Людмила Иванова The actress passed away at the age of 83 years. Doctors fought to the last, but was unable to rescue Lyudmila Ivanov. The movie star died in intensive care. In the past few hours, the patient was connected to the ventilator.

      Скончалась Людмила Иванова

      Actress Ludmila Ivanova died in a Moscow hospital at the age of 83 years. Within a few days the doctors fought for her life.

      The star of the movie “Office romance” some time ago suffered a hip arthroplasty. However, due to the implant she went infection, so the artificial joint had to be removed. Also due to serious diseases Lyudmila Ivanova had several operations. The actress was hospitalized again in late September.

      Shortly before his death, Lyudmila Ivanovna has passed a scheduled examination because it aggravated an old disease. Three days ago, her condition worsened so the doctors transferred her to the intensive care unit. In the night of Friday, she refused to light, so the doctors decided to connect the woman to a ventilator. However, no efforts doctors were unable to save the life of the actress of the Soviet cinema.

      Lyudmila Ivanova remembered the Soviet and Russian spectator on the bright roles in the films “Office romance”, “the Island of the Seraphim”, “Ladies invite gentlemen”, “the adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina, ordinary and improbable”, as well as many others. Last years the artist was engaged in writing his memoirs, which had planned to publish. One of the biggest chapters was dedicated to artistic Director of “Sovremennik” Galina Volchek, Lyudmila Ivanova, which has come a long creative way. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” in April of this year, the actress shared some details of this creation, and also said that helps her to escape from loneliness.

      “Entertain yourself with TV. Here some say that I hate “box”, and I always include. At 6 PM there is a “murder She wrote”. I love detectives. By the way, today I saw “peeping Tom” with Lena Yakovleva. It is very lyubluy as an actress and as a person” – shared Ludmila.

      The last interview of Lyudmila Ivanova, read here: Ludmila Ivanova: “Volchek told me not to smoke”