The star of the Comedy “Bitterly!” has survived three near-death

Звезда комедии «Горько!» пережила три клинических смерти Elena Valyushkina miraculously survived. The actress, who played a major role in the cult Comedy, it is recognized that in her life she had to face a curse that nearly drove her to her grave.

      Звезда комедии «Горько!» пережила три клинических смерти

      The theater and film actress, star of the Comedy “Bitterly!” and “Kiss!-2” Elena Valyushkina never discouraged. She has a life attitude: “I forbid myself to be unhappy!” Perhaps these words helped the star to cope with many troubles in life. Fortunately, the woman has not lost the zest for life, despite any trials.

      The experts show “the invisible Man” – a psychologist, a palmist, a magician, a fortune teller, a shaman, and a criminologist from the first minute of the program, before meeting with Galuskinas felt that her fate is very uncertain. So, the magician a novel Fad, examining the mirror that looked the heroine of the show, said: “around the man who tried to break her. And then there was a strong energy impact, what people call “the curse”.

      “Yes, my first husband put a curse on me, looking me in the eye, and his mother performed their rituals,” said Malyshkina.

      The first spouse Galuskinas was her teacher Leonid Fomin. He was the teacher of Helen in schepkinskoe school. “I loved him madly, and his hand was very powerful despotism. I barely survived 11 years,” admitted the actress.

      It was after the break with Fomin on the actress showered unhappiness – lack of money, loss of loved ones, health problems. “The threat of death hanging over her not once, but she was saved by a higher power” – summed up the novel Fad. And the palmist Boris Akimov read the hand of Helen that she has a very strong angel, and he was right.

      “That’s for sure, since I suffered three clinical death and is still alive,” commented Valyushkina.

      The actress admits that at times it was very hard, and the children given to her as reward. Second marriage Galuskinas was more successful than the first. The actress was married to actor Aleksandr Yatsko and gave birth to a son Basil and daughter Mary. Ultimately, however, relations between spouses still did not work, and was followed by the breakup.

      It is worth noting that after two divorces, 54-year-old actress is optimistic about the future. “I never had a wedding, and I’m still going to rock!” she says with a smile.

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