Alexander the Milk dreams of reunification with Adelina Sotnikova

Александр Молочко мечтает о воссоединении с Аделиной Сотниковой Leading hopes for a resumption of relations with the skater, with whom he broke up in March last year. Alexander Molochko believes that their story can be continued. According to the showman, it’s hard to forget the famous athlete.

      Parting host of the show “Magazzino” Aliaksandr Malochka and figure skater Adelina Sotnikova was very loud in the media surfaced the intimate correspondence of showman, in which he allegedly flirted with model Malika. After that, the athlete suspected her boyfriend of treason and was forced to part with it.

      Ex-lover Adelina Sotnikova of betrayal: “It was a casual relationship”

      Recently, the Milk gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he told about his personal life. In recognition of Alexander, at the moment he is free. The young man also made it clear that it is still experiencing feelings for Adelina Sotnikova. Therefore, the Milk looked forward to a renewed relationship with ex-lover.

      “Was novel, but unfortunately, it came to an end. Now my heart belongs to another girl. I think we all know who. I hope Adeline knows it too. We have it still ahead, I’m not just talking about it. It was probably a relationship that will be very hard to forget and survive. And maybe they will continue,” – said the presenter.

      Earlier, Aliaksandr Malochka told reporters that he met on the set of “the Food, I love you” with a charming girl, living in Batumi. She immediately liked the TV presenter, who even began to believe in love at first sight. “The girl was very modest. While we were sitting at the table, I learned that she lives in the centre of Tbilisi, she’s 21. Parents she was not Georgian roots: mother – Ukrainian, and a Spanish father,” – said Alexander.

      After the entertainer left the hospitable Georgian town, he continued to chat with a new friend. Milk admitted that it arranged a long-distance relationship. He also talked about the fact that not every girl is able to withstand his rigorous schedule, and a resident of Batumi did not require him to reconsider his life.

      Alexander Milk: “I was quite satisfied with long-distance relationships”

      However, the relationship with a nice girl working in the restaurant business, after some time ended. Despite the fact that fans constantly bombarded by Alexander in social networks, he thinks that he is able to spin with one of them a novel. During the conversation with the correspondent “TV programs” Jelly said he mostly write teenage girls. Therefore, Alexander refers to his fans as sisters.