Xenia Novikova has responded to the accusations in the plastic

Ксения Новикова ответила на обвинения в пластике The singer has posted a video montage of childhood photos. The actress is tired of constant discussions of her appearance, particularly the nose. This video of the ex-soloist of “Brilliant” hopes to interrupt the conversations unpleasant for her subject.

      For external changes 36-year-old Ksenia Novikova subscribers watching with particular interest. Most of all, according to the star, they are concerned about her nose – for many years the followers argue, did the woman to the services of plastic surgeons.

      Tired of the constant discussions, ex-shiny decided once and for all to stop the discussion of rhinoplasty and posted in Instagram video with photos from my childhood.

      “That’s not lazy, it took half an hour. Made cutting about her nose. Dedicated to all the “beautiful people,” whose day is lived in vain if they have not called me “Michael Jackson” or “humanoid”. About what drives such people don’t even want the conversation to start… Just own unsettled life and dissatisfaction… Maybe. I honestly don’t know where such are brought up than live? Is there anything in their life any value? And why did it happen that nobody will be explained and instilled?” – says under the post Novikova.

      In addition to Express, she is experiencing more and for what antiparty do not allow it to properly communicate with fans. The young woman appreciates the positive comments and believes that thanks to this video, a negative will be much less.

      “But the fact that they prevent us to communicate with you need to do something! After all, I really like our discussions, my dear! I take your advice. I hope you also find something nice in our correspondences. I try to reply to everyone. And you really appreciate my “Insta-friends” – summed up the singer.

      Fans immediately rushed to defend and support your favorite performer, saying that such a sophisticated nose – every girl’s dream.

      “Just such a neat and beautiful nose are rare. People can’t believe that not only by operations is such beauty, but also dad and mom can give such a doll face to your child. You beauty! Many envious friends, probably just sad that nothing all garbage invented. Be kind people,” “the Nose is very beautiful! Elegant”, “Ksyusha about this spout only dream of. Small and neat,” wrote a follower.