Alex smerfit finding herself after a breakup with Victoria Bonneuil

Алекс Смерфит ищет себя после разрыва с Викторией Боней The man turned for help to the fans. Alex Smurfit and Victoria Bonia announced the breakup in early February. Now the former civil wife build their lives without each other, though, and maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of a shared daughter.

      In early February Victoria Bonia shocked his fans with the unexpected news – she parted with the civil husband Alex Servicom. Despite the fact that the fans are very worried about the mental state of the former participant “Houses-2”, the woman seemed very calm. Victoria admitted that she and Alex came to this decision consciously and managed to maintain friendly relations for a common daughter Angelina Letizia. Victoria Bonia parted with the civil husband

      Apparently, now Smurfit began a new Chapter in my life as its nothing to do with Bony. He decided to have a makeover to change her hairstyle and choose a new style in clothes. 32-year-old businessman ruffled hair that was always neatly stacked, but to determine the closet without the help of subscribers could not. He wore jeans, a blue shirt and vest. Also the man tried round sunglasses. Apparently, he needed to look the part, to make a final decision.

      “Retro-bow – Yes or no?” – addressed to the followers male.

      Members quickly responded to Alex’s question, and did not hesitate to Express their opinion. Someone was not happy with the new style of businessman, and someone like that chose Smurfit, and they did not hold back emotions. “Yes, the retro style is more modern than some of the current trends”, “No matter what you wear! You’re perfect like your style” “Oh, this smurf,” wrote the admiring groupies.

      Despite the fact that Alex and Victoria broke up, the man decided to continue to help financially the mother of his child. According to friends of Boni, he regularly replenishes her Bank card to herself.

      “The Wiki has no financial problems. And in the family mansion near Monaco mother of a precious granddaughter welcomed with open arms, told to “StarHit” friend Alena. But she still didn’t give up runs very much. In one Instagram advertising it is 150 thousand rubles per post. She makes them three to four per week, but not anymore. Trying not to clog the ribbon. And those things are not to her liking, of course, eventually agrees, but can raise the price tag up to 300 thousand! So she has all the chances to soon change his Moscow apartment on Mozhaisk highway, bought in 2003, something more pathetic in the center.”