Alexander Sheps shocked staff from the operating table

Александр Шепc шокировал кадрами с операционного стола On the set of the TNT show “the Psychics lead the investigation” a man was seriously injured. At the moment Alexander Sheps is restored after the intervention of medical professionals. Fans of the medium I wish him a speedy recovery.

      Александр Шепc шокировал кадрами с операционного стола

      Recently, 30-year-old psychic Alexander Sheps has shocked fans. The man has published a video where he was doing surgery on the hand. “Not for the faint of heart,” wrote Sheps in his Instagram. Fans of Alexander wished him a speedy recovery and return of ka work. They are truly worried about the star of the show. “Terrible,” “I was so upset”, “We love you”, “take care of yourself”, “Strength to you” – discussing social media users.

      We will remind that Alexander received a hand injury on the set of the show of channel TNT “Psychics are investigating”. In a recent issue of the popular program man and Victoria Raydos tried to reveal the secret of the mysterious series of deaths. First, 12-year-old she mysteriously fell out of the window of a multistory building, located in Pavlovskiy Posad. Grieving the girl’s parents rented the apartment where the tragedy occurred, the young lovers. After some time they also happened misfortune: the head of the family was killed on a motorcycle. Relatives and friends of the men could not believe in his death, because they believed the deceased a high-end driver.

      Александр Шепc шокировал кадрами с операционного стола

      The chain of strange events that occurred in the fatal apartment, forced to get down to business psychics. When Sheps was in that ill-fated place and opened the window, he suddenly came out bone from the shoulder joint. Alexander felt a strong pain and could not restrain his emotions. Later Isaac said that he was hit with the spirit of the deceased girl. In the opinion of men, it is a bad sign, which means that the investigation must be stopped.

      Alexander right hand on the set programs, but then again the bone is out of joint. So the doctors, who examined the psychic who advised him an operation. At the moment Sheps restored after the intervention of medical professionals. It supports favorite people – Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro.

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      Александр Шепc шокировал кадрами с операционного стола

      Recall that the premiere of the project “the Psychics lead the investigation” took place on 11 March on channel TNT. The intent of the program the best participants of the famous show are trying their hand at one of those murder mystery and finding out the true motives of the crimes. In the new season viewers will see Alexander Sheps, Victoria Raydos, Marilyn Kerro, Ziraddin Rzayev, Elena Golunova, Ilona Novosyolov, Lily Khegai and other strong psychics, able to shed light on the most complicated cases. “Battle of psychics” 10 years: as show breaks the participants ‘ lives