Pregnant Alla Dovlatova to “win” the car

Беременная Алла Довлатова «отвоевала» машину Leading to rage the established order. Alla Dovlatov told the fans on the shortcomings of the system and impounded. According to her, she spent a huge amount of time for payment receipts to pick up the car.

      Radio host Alla Dovlatova complained to his fans on some of the imperfections in Parking lots and Parking penalty in Moscow. The star of “Russian radio” admitted on Sunday she and her children went to the Park. However, after they returned to the Parking spot, it turned out that her vehicle was towed. Alla outraged that she had to spend a huge amount of time for payment of the fine. She was unhappy with the fact that the rest of the evening spent in long queues together with the heirs.

      “Why in Finland where the car is there and the paperwork is there and the penalty paid. And in Moscow at one point, the car is worth (a pound on Bald mountain ), in another place, the paperwork alone, then go back to the car and there to pay the fine. And yesterday the line was on this lot a three-hour. I children under twelve night had to stand there. And today, the children school!” – outraged host.

      Dovlatov said that only a day, she managed to take the iron horse out of impound. Alla was shocked to the core and asked their fans what they think about the system. Some fully supported Dovlatov.

      “Oh, Alia! Understand and sympathize with like no! Each time, leaving the car, hope to God not evacuated the car. I think this is the greatest misfortune. Poor you, kids! Agree with you in every word! Just awful. I once a little “under the nose” not the car was evacuated. Right under the number of all the cars were taken away,” “Rightly resent, Alia! In such situations, our nerve cells are melting”, “What a nasty situation, I know what you were, and even with children” – supported Dovlatov some fans.

      However, there were those who believed that such problems are not faced by those who do not violate the rules of the road and leave the vehicle only where Parking is permitted. “I always put the car only if you are 100% sure that the left in the right place, better take a walk”, “in This simple way, the violators discourages break. Some time will wound all these addresses, and the next time you think of where to put the car” – says subscribers.