Alexander Serov has condemned the current darling ex-wife

Александр Серов осудил нынешнего избранника экс-супруги The famous singer was unhappy with the choice of the former wife Elena Stepanovoj. From the time when Alexander Serov went with a professional gymnast, it took about seven years. However, the artist still calls the act of betrayal athlete.
Александр Серов осудил нынешнего избранника экс-супруги

In 2010, Alexander Serov went with gymnast Elena Lebedevoj, gave him a daughter, Michelle. The news about the divorce of the spouses who have lived together for about 19 years, shocked fans of the hit “I love you to tears”. In an interview the man did not hide resentment for the athlete.

As it turned out, Serov still cannot come to terms with the departure of the beloved one. Singer believes that she did wrong by throwing it. According to Alexander, he did all for the sake of wife and heir, but Elena didn’t appreciate his efforts.

“I’m a homely person, with tours running away to the family was not torn on any of the parties, in restaurants. Always earned for the family, for our daughter Michelle. And wife me down. After the divorce, she managed to get me two and a half million dollars”, – told the artist correspondents.
Александр Серов осудил нынешнего избранника экс-супруги

On the other hand, the Executive admits to not experiencing feelings for his ex-wife. Serov says that stebeneva now found with another person. The artist does not approve of the choice ex-lover. Moreover, Alexander argues that Elena is fond of alcoholic drinks.

“They tell me that lately she’s started to drink, lives with some, to put it mildly, bull. Still don’t understand how she was able to give up on it all. I’ve no complaints in marriage is not called. She hasn’t caught me. On the contrary, was all for it,” said the man.

Earlier, Alexander Serov repeatedly sharply spoke about the former wife. In the opinion of the contractor, Elena had betrayed him. Talking to media, the actor was named the athlete of the “selfish woman”, which got a decent amount of money.

In turn, Elena stebeneva told reporters that her claim to the status of Alexander Serov was legitimate and reasonable. The woman made it clear that he decided to end one phase of life and begin another. According to gymnasts, marriage with the famous singer ended her forces. The last three years before divorce, the couple lived in different houses.

Now, seven years later after a painful breakup with his wife, Alexander Serov, it seems, has stopped searching for the second half. Pop star prefers to devote his free time to his favorite hobby. In recognition of the men, he likes expensive cars. “I recently took two “Toyota Sequoia”. I still have “rolls-Royce”, – quotes the artist