Катя Жужа и Олег Майами рассекретили страстный роман Lovers kissed in the airport. Kate Susan, along with daughter Nicole went on vacation in Dubai. Apparently, Oleg Miami, came to the woman. They did not hesitate to show sympathy to each other, despite the large number of people around.
Катя Жужа и Олег Майами рассекретили страстный роман

Leading “House-2” Kate Susan came out of sympathy for the musician Oleg Miami. A couple caught on a flight check in one of the Moscow airports. Along with the lovers was the daughter of the TV presenter Nicole. The man was carrying a small suitcase, and hands his lady were a black handbag. Katya and Oleg are unable to cope with the flood of feelings and passionately kissed, waiting for their turn. They were so engrossed in each other that wasn’t paying attention to anybody around.

As it turned out, Susan with her daughter arrived in the United Arab Emirates. She dreamed for a while for a change of scenery, as in Russia it was very boring. TV presenter did not think long and took the next flight. She said that Nicole chose the destination, as Katya herself could not define – to go to Dubai or Los Angeles. The girl was able to convince my mother that it is better to go to the East.

“Hello, Dubai. When I threw a coin into the Bay, I promised I would come back here again. And here I am – my favorite city, my Dubai. How did I get here? I promised to tell you. Yesterday, while I was stuck in traffic, I realized that I can’t be in Moscow for a completely trivial reason – it’s so boring here in the summer,” explained Susan.
Катя Жужа и Олег Майами рассекретили страстный роман

Fans praised the leading “House-2” with the fact that she is not afraid to take spontaneous decisions. They were relieved that she can so quickly pack up and go traveling with a child. “What you done! Keep it up!”, “Well done, that’s what I understand life”, “Great to have an opportunity like this to break away and go somewhere,” wrote a follower.

Apparently Oleg was in Moscow and arrived at the airport in order to carry out the woman and wish a good flight. Susan broke off the engagement with Winnick for a new boyfriend

Before the advent of video from the airport at the publication Life, the Network was much discussion of the novel Oleg and Katya. In the microblog musician appeared candid photo where he is depicted together naked woman, where the man closed his mouth with his hand. His face lady was not visible, but some have guessed that next to him is Susan. However, at that time there was no clear evidence that could prove faithful to such assumptions.