Anna Khilkevich responded to rumors of divorce

Анна Хилькевич отреагировала на слухи о разводе The actress clarified the speculations of ill-wishers, has dismissed rumours that she allegedly had a big fight with her husband Arthur Volkov. The reason for the speculation on were the photos in the microblog Anna Khilkevich made during the holidays.
Анна Хилькевич отреагировала на слухи о разводе

Star of TV series “Univer” Anna Khilkevich resting now in Croatia with my family – husband Arthur Volkov and daughter Arianna. Celebrity regularly puts in his bright photos taken in another country. The actress spends a lot of time on the beach, tasting local cuisine and exploring the sights.

Followers of Anna noticed that she mainly publishes a selfie or pictures with your daughter. They immediately began to ask the star where her husband. Critics even suggested that the actress might quarrel with a loved one and think about divorce. Haters started a rumor that Lee allegedly went with Volkov, so they stayed in different rooms.

The actress has reviewed the comments of users of social networks hastened to clarify the situation. Anna was surprised by the reaction of some followers, attributed her quarrel with her husband. Celebrity decided to dot the “i” to prevent a new wave of gossip in the Internet.

“Look out and wait for our dad. Already someone wrote in the comments that we got divorced, because the rest separately. Well how about that, guys,” he said.

Fans of Anna hastened to support her and advised not to pay attention to the machinations of enemies. “Happiness and health of your family is important, and everything else is nonsense”, “Oh, these stupid commentators”, the “Experts” like to diagnose and points in foreign relations, Some just language to scratch”, “Well Yes, a few days ago he was still married, and I left, so once divorced, do not write this”, “Yes, in any broke up, and photos birthday – photoshop”, “me, too, when her husband leaves on a business trip, all the screaming that broke up” – discussed in the Network.

By the way, before Anna posted a photo in a swimsuit, which caused a storm of emotions among its subscribers. They found that the actress looks amazing. “Beautiful,” “Perfect figure”, “Chic”, commented the fans of a celebrity. In turn, Anna joked that next time, I will surely upload a picture of Arianna.

“To go on vacation and make a modest photo of the sea, but in a swimsuit – a mandatory part of the program. Not all daughter and to spread. But the following will necessarily be with my daughter. I’m a mother,” joked Lee.