Александр Овечкин и Анастасия Шубская поделились первым свадебным фото The lovers are secretly confirmed that made a marriage. Alexander Ovechkin has published a picture in which he holds the hand of his beloved. In the hands of a young couple, you notice a wedding ring. Followers lovers congratulate them with a joyful event.

      30-year-old hockey player Alexander Ovechkin has shared in his Instagram first wedding photo with his beloved 22 — year-old Anastasia Subsky. It can be seen in the hands of a young couple. On the ring finger of Alexander and Anastasia wearing a wedding ring. “This is happiness”, — has signed a snapshot of Ovechkin.

      Family, friends and fans of the star couple congratulate her on the marriage. “Love and happiness”, “Council Yes love”, “congratulations”, “Hooray!”, “Finally it happened”, “a Wonderful couple”, “Prosperity”, wrote the followers Ovechkin in the comments to the publication.

      It is obvious that the post Ovechkin tacitly confirms the fact that he had married his beloved. Previously, Anastasia Subsky posted in his Instagram a picture together with Alexander. It model and hockey player were dressed in white outfits, which caused the talk about the wedding. Then the fans and friends of Ovechkin and Subsky began to congratulate them on this happy occasion, but the lovers did not hasten to respond to their comments, continuing to keep the intrigue. And here’s a hockey player, much to the delight of fans, has finally stated that changed family status.

      Ovechkin and Subsky accept congratulations with the wedding

      We will remind that Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Subsky planned celebration on the occasion of her wedding next year. But a few weeks ago, overseas media reported that the pair will go to the Registrar at the end of this summer. Apparently, it just happened, but the big ceremony is likely to happen in a year. A few days ago “StarHit” contacted the bride’s family, but the family Anastasia has not commented on the information about her marriage, making it clear that he was not entitled to discuss this topic.

      Alexander Ovechkin made an offer to Anastasia Subsky in September last year. It happened in the house of his lady. “Say Yes” — shared then the athlete in his microblog. The girl’s mother, the famous actress Vera Glagoleva, approves the selection of the successor.

      Relations Ovechkin and Subsky continue for several years. At first the lovers carefully concealed their relationship, but after some time he began to publish the photos in social networks. Fans of young couples think they’re perfect for each other.

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