Дочка Татьяна Навки рискнула своей жизнью
Alexander Zhulin have decided on an extreme act.


A video posted by Aleksia (Sasha Zhulina) (@sashazhulina) on Aug 27, 2016 at 4:47 am PDT

In the days of Alexander Zhulin’s daughter, Tatiana Navka, has published a video, which must have worried her fans. A brave 16-year-old girl decided to take a very extreme thing to do. During rest at sea, the heir of the grooves fearlessly jumped from a high cliff into the water. It should be noted that Zhulin has excellent physical training, because in the past she has played great tennis.

Tatiana Navka with her eldest daughter Alexandra

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Strong jump made a strong impression on her followers on the microblogging. “Scary!”, “Can you imagine what happens to the heart when my mom sees it!”, “Wow, how brave, I could never do that!” — they wrote. By the way, Alexander asked not to repeat such tricks, because it is a danger to her life.

Incidentally, not long ago, my daughter Tatiana premiered the music video for the song “breathe Me”. In the video for the song “Breathe Me” was played by soloist of fashionable group MBAND Nikita Kiosse, which has more than half a million followers on Instagram (for comparison, Oleksandra Galinou while less than 20 thousand). Many of those who have already watched the video, frankly admitted in the comments that interested in this movie because of the participation of the young musician and appreciated dance hit performed by Alexia.

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