Сестра Виктории Бони торгует препаратами для снижения веса Opinions about the effectiveness of these tools from the experts diverge. Sister Victoria Boni angelina earns a living through network marketing. Woman sells weight loss products.

      Сестра Виктории Бони торгует препаратами для снижения веса

      Sister Victoria Boni angelina has not achieved world-wide fame and adoration of thousands of fans. A woman leads a modest life in Moscow, where he keeps in touch with her mother and other relatives. Older sister always was in the shadow of the younger, but it does not bother.

      Angelina finds joy in the simple things, it often doesn’t carry a mobile phone, risking to cause even the anxiety of relatives. Each of the disappeared sister Victoria Boni: “I know where she might be” a woman Earns by selling products for weight loss.

      Typically, advertisers are interested to sellers of their products have credible buyers. However, angelina has for many years kept around the same weight, the ideal which can not be named. Maybe she’s just not experienced the tools that sells.

      However, opinions about smoothies for weight loss consumers diverge. Many ordinary people claim that they managed to lose weight with the help of such products. However, experts expressed a skeptical opinion on this subject. It turns out that cocktails can cause allergies.

      “What we see in these smoothies – milk protein, casein, to which 30 percent of adults are allergic, – has shared with “StarHit” the nutritionist-dietitian Irina Maltsev, the General Director of the clinic of Michael Gavrilova. Her intolerance may be reflected in poor performance of the intestine and skin rashes. Because of allergies, the body will hold fluid. Also, a substance such as inulin of chicory, used as probiotic for the growth of beneficial bacteria. But he often raises also a fungus Candida. Candidiasis of the small intestine causes an irresistible sugar cravings and flatulence. Use sweetener Acesulfame K – it is rubbish. Just returned from an international conference at which he announced that all of them except stevia, lead to the development of diabetes”.

      Interestingly, the sister of Victoria Boni is not the first year earn with network marketing. Angelina publishes on his page in the social network information about drugs for weight loss. That thinks about the profession of women, her famous sister, is unknown. Surrounded by stars, there are rumors that relations between relatives cool.

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